Volume 4: Heartlands; Inspirational Poetry for Heart, Mind & Soul


Heartlands‘ a Amazon.com publication release in August, 2016, is a culmination of four years of soul searching and perhaps my most powerful collection of writings to date.

As seen through the font cover image, ‘Heartlands’ was very much influenced by my love of nature and the environment. I captured the cover photograph high above Okanagan Lake while standing on the mountain range interface just north of Naramata, BC which in turn is a gorgeous one-half hour drive north of Penticton, BC, our homeland at the time of this publication.

This fourth volume of my original works of poetry and prose is interlaced with writings of an inspirational nature; inspiration through life, our earth and its inhabitants and more.

Consistent with my first three poetry publications, Heartlands also spanned four years in its writing. I do not rush my writing. I have been blessed since 2001 to have a seemingly endless flow of inspired ‘muse’ that is a constant companion and fuel for my creative writing energies. My writing ‘signature’ continues to evolve, transform and connect with its subject matter with increasing intensity and vision.

I invite all of my readers to explore my publications collection. Engage in the images, the words, the message and if it so moves you please consider adding one or more to your own personal home library. This volume is initially in electronic format however I anticipate launching a printed format as well for those who still love to have and hold!

View Heartlands on Amazon:

Enjoy ‘Heartlands‘!


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