Volume 3: Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being

© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved
© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved

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2013 marked an exciting time for Author/Poet Don MacIver on the occasion of the release of ‘Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being‘, the author’s third book of original works of poetry in a continuing series of published works exploring many aspects of love, of life and of being, existing in a complicated world where humanity struggles to survive under the weight of relationship failure, land supremacy, political unrest, serious environmental issues, military conflict and more.

Transitions‘ was inspired and influenced by tremendous change in the author’s career and personal life. Retired from a thirty year career in real estate management as a Real Property Manager (RPA), Don MacIver transitioned into full time writing endeavors with continued publication of his original works of poetry and also providing professional writing/editing services to clients globally.

The author continues to challenge himself through his writing and embraces many subject matters including romance, spirituality, nature and the environment, human relationships, loss of loved ones and more. His words touch the heart, mind and soul on a journey that continuously explores humanity and our cohabitation, our very existence in a highly complex and ever-evolving world.

Explore the world through a poet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart and soul. Embrace your own interpretation, your own perspective through the written word of Don MacIver.

From the depths of ‘Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being‘….



Look deep in the soul of humanity

Past a body so frail, what do you see

The life that still dances in these old eyes

The years have compounded, a mind so wise

I am your brother, father, friend of years

Still vibrant in spirit though through my tears

Cry would I, yes, for a life passed me by

I am man through the ages, ask me why


Why after temptation, the hate and greed

The hunger, desperate, children of need

Words spoke in anger, on battlefields shed

The blood and the dying, rivers run red

Look again, through my eyes, a world awaits

Walk a mile in my shoes, not hesitate

Rest your hand gently o’er this old man’s heart

Feel the pulse of a lifetime this soul imparts


Imparts from a weary, wandering man

Lo walked through the ages, in fear I ran

From the perils that lurked in shadows pale

Now I stoop with a cane, tired and frail

My voice but a whisper, a smile refrained

My head bowed to a journey, I remain

A man of intention, lived long with pride

For I walked with honour and grace inside


Now feel the warmth from a kindly embrace

Know depth of experience on this face

Hear the words of an older, wiser friend

Love who I was, who I am befriend

© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved



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