Volume 1: Journeys In Verse

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Journeys In Verse‘,  a Lulu.com publication, was born of a time of great personal challenge as well as wonderful new beginnings. Author/Poet Don MacIver saw his beloved mother Lois in the early stages of what would become diagnosed as Alzheimer’s Disease and a six year battle against which she eventually succumbed. The many difficult moments dealing with his mother’s illness were heartbreaking yet the experience for the writer was ultimately a greatly inspiring influence on the poet’s early original works of poetic verse.

As time would pass the author’s focus on writing became all the stronger, all the more determined and that inspiration would eventually culminate in the author’s retirement from a long-term career in property/facility management as a Real Property Administrator (RPA) and a new career direction entirely emerged…professional writing would become his full-time focus in 2013.

In 2001 the author met and married his beloved wife Andrea and it was that relationship which spawned early beginnings in the poet’s journey into writing poetry and prose. It would not be until 2004 that ‘Journeys In Verse’ was completed and published through Lulu.com and what a tremendous moment the launching of his first volume of poetry would be, especially given that his mother’s illness and also his wonderful relationship with wife Andrea were the primary catalysts for the writing of this volume.

‘Journeys In Verse’ is Don MacIver’s first volume of original works of poetry, a wonderful collection of acclaimed romantic poetry with many poetic works influenced by the stunning natural beauty of the landscape of the author’s home country; human relationships, loss of loved ones, poetry in tribute and much more.



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