Pacific Eye & Ear; Symmetry In Verse



Ernie Cefalu, Owner and Senior Creative Director of Pacific Eye & Ear, lead a team of world-renowned illustrative artists through the 1970’s and into the 80’s as an industry leader in marketing and album cover/corporate custom package design and merchandising. The award winning agency was a powerhouse of creative minds, each individual illustrator a gifted member of the team who pursued artistic excellence with every client project resulting in a vast portfolio of many of the most innovative, dynamic and iconic visuals then and to this day.

High profile clients of the agency included The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Burton Cummings, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, The Bee Gees, Anne Murray, Black Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas, Jefferson Airplane, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Earth Wind & Fire, Modern Jazz Quartet and many more.

Having created the largest collection of original album cover art in their time, front running Pacific Eye & Ear quickly became a trademark for outstanding album cover and corporate design that represented a powerful connection between client product and customer experience that were second to none.

These award winning classics have stood the test of time as remarkable artistic achievements and highly identifiable images of superlative artisan skill and representation to the award winning and iconic music bands, individual artists and corporate giants that Ernie Cefalu and his esteemed colleagues came to represent through the years through there unrelenting delivery of premium quality design works.

Fast forward to 2013, Ernie Cefalu has announced the launch of a new and exciting element of Pacific Eye & Ear through his newest business venture which promises to add a vibrant and dynamic new dimension to this iconic design artist’s career achievements.


This page is dedicated to the extraordinary design artworks of Ernie Cefalu and Pacific Eye and Ear. As an author of poetic verse I most often pair my writing with visual images, whether photographic or painted artworks, ultimately to enhance the reader’s experience when they visit my website to engage in my written word. Visual images are a powerful stimulus to reader engagement as the remarkable artworks of Pacific Eye & Ear to their various consumer audiences.

The powerful connection between the visual and literary elements cannot be understated and herein I seek to engage my own written word through my own perceptions of these iconic, masterful artworks which were hand drawn and painted in their original form. In my words experience a translation of heart, mind and soul through this writer’s perspective.

All images represented herein are the sole property and copyright © Ernie Cefalu, Pacific Eye & Ear (et al dot com) and written text representations © Don MacIver, Writer, Editor, Author, Poet. Reproduction, distribution or use otherwise is restricted and advance written permission of the copyright holder is required for any such use.



© Ernie Cefalu, Pacific Eye & Ear Design by Ernie Cefalu Illustration by Drew Struzan
© Ernie Cefalu, Pacific Eye & Ear
Design by Ernie Cefalu
Illustration by Drew Struzan



A pallor of shades and butterfly wings

In song notes metallic as percussion

Gyrating of strings and symbols clashing

As vocals intone a coming of days

On wings of feather in a symmetry

Of elegance and precision gyrate

Repetitive patterns of lines unfold

In rhythmic cadence of delicate, bold


Dramatic vocals resound the image

Of scorching lines as resonant beauty

Blending coloration of iron fly

Psychic as in-a-gadda-da-vida

Pulsating to heights in soft undertones

Of resilience penned in graphite trace

A capture of essence, iconicity

An artwork of legend and song align


© Don MacIver 2013; All Rights Reserved

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