Journeys In Verse, romantic poetry, inspirational poetry, poems

A Touch of Rose, inspirational poetry, romantic poetry

Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being, inspirational poetry


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Don MacIver’s original works of poetry and prose span a host of subjects including romance, relationships, loss of loved ones, nature and the environment, spirituality, illness, military conflict, and more. His audience has reflected how deeply moving and inspiring his writing is, a wonderful connection between author and audience. Explore the journey of poetic verse through Don MacIver.

Author’s Publication Spotlight

‘Heartlands’ on Amazon

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    1. Thank you Ann! Much appreciated. I hope all is well with you. I have numerous of your posts to read yet, all waiting in the inbox cue! I have been really struggling to set aside quality time to sit back and enjoy the written works of others. I am praying for a few hours over this weekend! Warmest regards.


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