Don MacIver, poetry and prose


POETRY & PROSE PUBLICATIONS;  Printed & Electronic Media Formats

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My first book of original works of poetry; Journeys In VerseMy second book of original poetry; A Touch of RoseTransitions

Poetry Publications on     © Don MacIver 2015

Journeys In Verse © 2004,

A Touch of Rose © 2008,

Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being  © 2012,

Volume 4 Coming Soon!


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5 thoughts on “Don MacIver, poetry and prose

  1. Thank you for following, I have to get a better theme. Everyone I see have such perfect layouts. You all have great posts, page set up and pictures. Yours is very nice


      1. I have shared my blogs to all my social media. FB is where I get most responses. In light of blogging I did not write on subjects I normally do and get loads of responses. But not one when I post using wp on and social media, I have since cut n pasted either identical content or close and I get comments I should have weeks and months ago. I am set to allow comments on social media but I am now doing twice the work.

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      2. Promoting a website or blog today takes a substantial amount of time dedication. The key to developing a commenting audience is to consistently follow and comment on your subscribers’ posts. People will reciprocate as along as what you blog about is of value and each piece is quality. Getting comments is a very common problem and takes persistence showing genuine interest in the work of others. Comments must be meaningful. If we were to simple keep posting “great post” or “well done” etc. that is effectively meaningless. Our comments need to be relevant to the post with specific reference to elements of the post and how you relate. Research as much as possible about ‘reader engagement’, increasing web traffic, comment and sharing. It’s a lot of work! Don’t lose sight of the socials and LinkedIn for professional networking. 64% of my subscribers here come directly from Twitter…it’s powerful if used right. Take a close look at and which are both heavily followed industry experts.

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      3. Over the past several weeks I have come to realize this was not on auto pilot. I have increased viewership across the board. Still places like fb where my content always recieved comments has not. I know they changed their algorithms and I sometimes cut and paste the post then I get comments. With wp, linked in and google plus, I write posts, like others and post comments as well as join groups and post to the group.I am slowly seeing results. Twitter is easy though except the plateau reached. I am doing what you have suggested and U guess it is going to take months. I spend a few hours a day between writing, responding and more. Thank you for responding


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