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photo of Don MacIver, poet~

Don MacIver RPA, author, poet, writer, editor

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Contact The Author:  d.maciver54@gmail.com

Tel: 1-236-422-4908

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Welcome and thank you for visitingPoetry & Verse, my personal poetry blog!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new business Lasting Impressions Editing in April, 2014! I offer a host of professional website and document/manuscript services to authors, individuals and businesses including consultation, client promotions/marketing, website and document content strategy and development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, proofreading, full substantive, structural and constructive analysis, plain language, rewriting, copy editing, stylistic form, and more.

In a highly competitive business and marketing world you need to stand out, your need to differentiate yourself from all the rest. Search engine visibility is critical to ensure that those that want and need what you offer can find you fast through relevant searching. Website optimization is an essential step to being seen. If you are not visible on Page 1 of search results the likelihood is you will not be found.


Let’s talk about getting results!


I am the author of original works of poetry and prose with two books published including ‘Journeys In Verse’ © 2004 (Lulu.com) and ‘A Touch of Rose’ © 2012 (Lulu.com). My third book of poetry and prose, Transitions; Poetry of Love, Life & Being’ © 2013 (Lulu.com)is another treasured writing along this journey and a fourth volume of poetry is now a work in progress. My passion for writing extends to lyrical verse, the celebration of creative arts, short stories, feature articles relating to writing poetry and gaining exposure to one’s writing and I also share my thoughts on many aspects of life through ‘Author’s Voice’ features. My books can be viewed/purchased at my Lulu.com Book Storefront and are also found at various publication distributors including iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’ Nook, Amazon and more!

My focus on this, my literary blog site, is in the sharing of my archived original published works of poetry and prose, lyrical verse, author’s voice features and more. My professional writing now encompasses a full time career of writing and editing and a wonderful association with Pacific Eye & Ear of Los Angeles, California for which you will find dedicated pages here by the same name. On the Pacific Eye & Ear pages I share dramatic images of the brilliant artistic original album cover artworks that have generated tremendous renown worldwide, prestigious awards and a global presence for Pacific Eye & Ear as one the foremost leaders in their industry and for Owner/Senior Creative Director Ernie Cefalu esteemed induction into the Album Cover Art Design Hall of Fame 2013. There, you will also find exciting news and special features in celebration of everything Pacific Eye & Ear.

Objective:  My primary focus for this literary blog is to not only share my own original written works but also to feature the writings of contemporary and famed poets of yesteryear and writers and authors in the hopes that my readers will take away with them a sense of great personal satisfaction having experienced something really quite special here, deeply personal, emotional, romantic, inspirational, spiritual, informative and enlightening. If I can provide visitors to this site with reading enjoyment and also help those who currently write/author their own poetry or other written works/aspire to write then I have accomplished what I have set out to do here. I write first and foremost for the love of writing.

My poetic verse is for the most part contemporary free verse however I do love to intersperse traditional style and structure including non-rhyming and rhyming on occasion and I also explore the historic and mythological significance of this creative art form dating back centuries. Through years of extensive research and personal writing development my published written works continue to gain recognition and acclaim. I have created and administered numerous of my own literary websites and blogs through the years, moderated at PoetryPoem.com for two years, and have been a contributing writer on countless literary sites as well.

Through the loss of my beloved mother Lois Lenore MacIver, the pain and anguish of that loss just days before compelled me to write a memorial tribute/poem that would express how deeply I loved her, respected her, missed her. I wrote ‘A Mother Lost’ © 2004, a poem that has received tremendous reading and sharing, an outpouring of dear friendship, and indeed love. ‘A Mother Lost’, as difficult as it was to author, was truly a turning point in my grief process and helped me connect with mom in a deeply spiritual way. I have kept mom close to my heart ever since through her spiritual presence and through that poem, it’s resonant words, its message…and since so many have found inner peace and comfort as they read and reread those profound, heartfelt words. ‘A Mother Lost’  was selected for inclusion in the American Poets Society’s ‘Anthology of Poetry of the same year.

This blog has been nominated twice in the past year for the ‘2012/13 ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ by fellow writers here at WordPress. AccreditedOnlineColleges.org has listed this blog in their ‘Top 100 / Top 50 Poetry Blogs 2013’, rated No. 7 in the Published Authors category.

A Connection With Heart, Mind & Soul:  As far back as high school and college studies I have had an affinity for literature and writing yet my own personal endeavors to delve into creative writing only came to being in the year 2001. My then new-found love interest Andrea, now my loving wife and life partner for all of those years since, has greatly inspired my writing, as has the remarkable beauty of our surroundings here in British Columbia, Canada. My early days of writing were primarily of romantic poetry but soon broadened to explore many aspects of life including nature and the environment (near and dear to my heart), loss of loved ones, relationships, love, life, death, the ravages of war and more.

I write to explore life in all its giving, good and not so good. I write to extend a precious connection with my readers, an emotional and uplifting connection to their heart, mind and soul and through that connection a means to share in the joy and sorrows of life, embrace a clearer understanding of life experiences, to help the reader learn ways to cope. I am forever an optimist and further hope that my writing serves to inspire others to live and love life to the fullest, to believe in dreams and to fascinate in those things which seem remotely possible. My greatest gift from writing is the outpouring of emotions that so often come from experiencing poetic verse up close and personal.

Blog Post Connection Made Easy:  I usually post my writings twice a week with some variance more or less. Bring my posts right to your email inbox automatically by subscribing by email or by RSS to ensure that you don’t miss any of my posts. You will find both subscribe features on the homepage in the uppermost location of the right side bar.

My Top Posts:


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My Biography

By profession I am a Real Property Administrator (RPA) and was thirty years in the real estate and facility management industries. My tenure in property/facility management spanned twelve years with a Crown Corporation in Ontario, another fifteen years with numerous prominent third party property management firms and a further five years with Holiday Retirement, a leader providing gracious independent retirement living properties as a facility manager. Career locations have included southern Ontario west of Toronto, Vancouver,Victoria, Nanaimo, West Kelowna and Penticton, BC.


I have retired from property administration and in mid-2014 launched my new small business endeavor Lasting Impressions Editing

now write full time including a recent exciting new association as Writer/Editor for world renowned album cover design artist Ernie Cefalu of Pacific Eye & Ear where superlative and iconic album cover art and corporate logos were created during a stellar era of illustrative arts from the early 1970’s to this day. Pacific Eye & Ear clients have included The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, The Bee Gees, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Black Sabbath, Black Oak Arkansas, Iron Butterfly and many more.

Three-time Grammy Award Nominee Ernie Cefalu

I have been married to my loving wife Andrea since 2001 and together we have lived on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, Victoria and more recently mid-Vancouver Island of beautiful British Columbia. In early 2014 we relocated to beautiful West Kelowna, BC. I have two sons from a former marriage who reside in Vancouver. Andrea has been a tremendous inspiration for my writing and the stunning beauty of our surroundings has also had great influence on my writing. I embrace nature and the environment among the greatest treasures of our human existence. When not at the keyboard writing I love walking, golfing, travel and boating. Coastal western Canada and the US are among our favourite places to travel and explore and among those treasured places where family and relatives have made their home. The Pacific Ocean is an alluring, romantic place to live, the seafood divine, the people energized and entrepreneurial, personable, charmed.

My WordPress Imprint

I utilize WordPress themes that feature a bold, stylish and elegant format that wonderfully facilitates sharp definition to images and typography for an optimum reader experience and designed with a strong focus on content…perfect for the author! All original written works by this author are herein exclusive intellectual property through copyright. Written works shared on this site not original to the author are fully credited accordingly. Images presented in my posts are accredited to either myself from my personal photo library or other various image resources online. One of my favoured high definition image resources is www.digital-art-gallery.com

Contact Information:

I can be reached by e-mail at apoetsview@gmail.com and in addition to following my posts here you can also follow me on Twitter and also Facebook including my Facebook Author Page and also my Facebook Business Page.

Don MacIver’s websites are found at:

Publications Spotlight



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Editing, Proofreading & Writing Business

Read and write first for the love of the written word. Absorb the message, the meaning. Allow it to cleanse your heart, mind and soul. Allow it to become an extension of your conscience, a daily staple, an energy force within.

Thank you for visiting ‘A Poet’s View’. Cheers,


Don MacIver, RPA, author, poet May long the ink flow, tender quill speak

19 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hi – I stumbled across your blog via Charles Martins “Read Between The Minds” blog. I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading your poetry in the future 😀

    Happy New Year to you and yours xx


  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and subscribing. It appears you are a neighbor to the north of us (an island which I’ve visited and love – we have friends in Victoria) where the trillium also thrives, and I appreciate your comment on my haiku. (I too have an affection for this lovely little flower, found in the wild.)

    You have a great blog, and it seems I already am a subscriber. But I’ve been unable to keep up with reading blogs for awhile and haven’t been as active as I’d like to be. However you’ve motivated me to make an effort to visit your blog more often, when possible.

    Thank you once again for all your likes – and especially for the comment on the trillium haiku! Nice to have that connection.


    1. Thank you so much for your visit and wonderful comments here Betty! Yes, the trillium is an beautifully abundance flower. Back east in Ontario they were just a sea of white in the spring and summer. I have lived on Vancouver Island for twelve years now, most of those years in Victoria. Life on the island is current yet pleasantly a step back and certainly an amazing experience insofar as its people and its geography. British Columbia is an amazing province and we have lived on the coast, between Vancouver and the Island for nearly thirty years now. As a writer the incredible beauty of our surroundings has become such a critical influence on my creative side as well as my well-being.

      I know how demanding life can be and I have subscribed to a pretty extensive list and struggle all the time with staying close to what everyone has to share. Thank you so much for your presence here Betty. Will see you again!


    1. Thank you very much Melissa! It has taken a while to adjust to the new look, quite in contrast to the previous theme application. While the previous theme was attractive with a few touches of my own to enhance the overall look and functionality it still seemed that, most importantly, the reader experience could have been better. With colour in the text field it may have coincided with the header colour but the lack of sufficient contrast for reading surely impacted the duration of a visitor’s stay. I also, for the first time, opted for a Premium theme more suitable to showcase my writing and images shared and also tune up functionality with a cleaner format. I still look at the site feeling that it comes across as stark but then again it is the visitor experience that is paramount and I have received numerous positive comments re the change. Your own comments are most welcome and appreciated Melissa. It was the new look on your site that actually compelled me to action with my own!! And by the way, I keep making excuses but I am truly working at catching up on your own wonderful posts and will not rest until I am with you again in the current day! I am going through a full transition in career to professional writing, a major move out of the area….sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?!! Lol! Wonderful to see you here. 😉


    1. Thank you very much Dean. Your presence and thoughts are always most welcome and appreciated. Writing has truly been a passion for some thirteen years now. I am working on my fourth volume of poetry and not long ago began the transition to full time professional writing and editing. To be associated now with world renowned album cover illustrative artist Ernie Cefalu of Pacific Eye & Ear is a remarkable opportunity. Ernie is just a treasure to work with and his famed artworks through the years are astounding, his illustrative team world-renowned in their own right. After a thirty year career as a professional real estate administrator I have now retired from that side of my career and the opportunity to focus on something so positive and close to my heart and soul is more than I could have wished for or thought possible.

      Your own written works through the years have always impressed me as sincere, heartfelt, articulate and personally moving and it is no surprise that you have such a large following amoung your readers. I have been a fan for a long time now and it’s so good to see you continue with enthusiasm and inspired words.


      1. that is great to hear, Don – and I’m very glad you have the opportunity work with a cover artist – about my work, thanks – I just write in a notebook, between other things, such as chasing the cat, playing guitar (no piano here yet) and working on some songs, but the poems and I are not separated nor apart
        it’s like breathing
        now if I could make some money with it…


    1. Thank you so much Ann. Wonderful to see you visit! 2014 is a year of much transition for me as I am now writing/editing professionally full time now. I have resolved to increase my focus not only on my own creative writing but also the enjoyment of the inspired writing of others as well. Looking forward to seeing so much more of your writing too!


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