Volume 2: A Touch of Rose

© Don MacIver; author, poet, writer, editor
© Don MacIver; author, poet, writer, editor

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2012 brought about the end of yet another number of hugely inspired years of writing for Author/Poet Don MacIver concluding with the release of his second volume of original poetry works in ‘A Touch of Rose‘, a powerfully emotional and inspired ensemble of poems embracing the beauty of romance, the challenge of relationships, matters of the heart which reached out to the reader for that all-encompassing connection. This volume goes a long way beyond just romantic inclinations. This book of deeply heartfelt poetic verse is dedicated to the author’s wife Andrea who for so many years has been such a tremendous influence and inspiration on the author’s written verse.

A Touch of Rose‘ embraces the highs, the lows and everything in between. The author continues to embrace the stunning beauty of our natural surroundings and explores the human connection, spirituality and the universe beyond.

The acclaimed poetic works of Don MacIver shines in this second in his continuing series of original works of deeply personal poetry.


From the pages of A Touch of Rose…




Softly notes linger, caressing

As melodic foreplay, sensory

Warmth ascending, fingertip touch

Sway to its cadence, simmering

Hands sculpt curvature, firmness traced

In treble resonance, fleeting

Hastened breath drawn, burning release

Tongue strokes flicker in amber dance

Moistened skin trembling, ebb and flow

Forms undulating, crescendo

Toes tracing upward, torso sway

Lips part in wordless ecstasy

Eyes convey intimate shadow

Obscure in its pallor, mystic

Secretions slide effervescent

Tempering a heat smouldering

Hips in gyration, amber dance

Conjoined flames’ erotic embrace

Gentle, hypnotic renderings


© Don MacIver 2008; All Rights Reserved

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