Touch Nature’s Way

Streams of energy touched by the sun 

heavenly traces of light from beyond 

dawn set aside as miracle’s way 

moments, so many moments ignited 

in solar flares of love and light as 

life renews, embodies the bounty of 

rolling mountains and tumbling streams 

delicate florals dance in the wind 


Our inhibitions’ release unwavering 

promise as fingertips yield, delicate   

balance of sense, sensuality as 

pure and perennial, spontaneous 

combustion of joy, life everlasting 

a smile gathers, seed to embellish 

teardrops glisten as nature’s way 

is nourished, living bounty embraces 


Untold gifts as spirits to the wind 

uplifting reminders, hymnal they sing 

canticle rejoicing in human spirit 

profound and celebratory being 

touching the soul in harmonious season 

of fragrance, of life reborn, heavenly  

sublime recantations lest we forget 

the gifts of life, reverential learning   

© Don MacIver Poetry, Prose, and Lyrical Verse 2022; All rights reserved

photo by Reed Geiger on 

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