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And so, on this day of new beginnings
search deep into your soul for heart’s desire
reach out to embrace the new, the different
open your mind to possibilities
regardless the toll of heartache, anguish
resolve what is born again faithfully
see and feel those morning sunrises
shine through the darkness into the light
Embrace the many blessings before you
raise up your spirits in welcome, restore
bathe in the beauty, it’s there, beholding
touch its presence in healing and glory
abolish the pretense living with vision
make your own and your best human story
for a life in its shortness never fails
to avail the sadness, heartache, despair
Love with intention and purpose giving
joy and fulfillment everlasting
as though with each day eternity comes
yet all tomorrows remain a question
show truth in conviction unwavering
see the flower that seeds our earthly souls
for Heaven awaits divine intention
choose peace and love for the heavens can wait
Forever uplift a lonely spirit
nurture and harvest the good in those whose
own purpose walks on a path of promise
hold them close to heart as reassurance
that life is a gift and not thrown away
hear the call of the songbird, wilderness
whispering in prayer of thanks and giving
in thanks and happiness living each day
Show the misguided another way for
goodness in life forever teaching rests
for the better, enriched are the blessed
in comfort, hope, unwavering measure
embrace new beginnings, now and ever
~Happy New Year beloved friends
make today the dawn of life in changing
© Don MacIver; Poetry, Prose & Lyrical Verse 2020; All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Well, well my dear friend Don, you are certainly off to an early flyer here – with this ‘cri de coeur’ to us all, as we look forward to addressing the challenges and opportunities of a brand new decade! Happy New Year…


    1. Scott, such a beautiful comment on this piece! I look to inspire through optimism and in doing so also motivate myself to spread my wings and fly! All the very best of health and happiness to you and yours throughout 2020 and beyond my friend. I have treasured all that we have shared over the years and look forward to continued friendship and focus on the life passion that means so much to us both. Warmest regards as always.


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