Deep Down Inside

photo by Yoann Boyer on

A moment’s meeting, drawn to your eyes
of sienna, warm and dreamlike, soft
a smile of sudden attraction deep
down inside, churning, affectionate
connection of feelings, wantingly
in shyness your movements telling so
instantaneous crush of desire
heartbeat arrested, so beautiful
Highlights dance in your flowing hair as
fluid soft-speak gently igniting
a burgeoning love story whispered
two hearts quietly growing fonder
mine unto you and you unto me
delicate balance unfolding as
wings of two doves, as lovers, take flight
to heights of revealing, ever so high
I breathe into you and you into me
intoxication of senses reeling
a taste of exotic touching lips
longing each other, lovingly so

© Don MacIver Poetry, Prose & Lyrical Verse 2019; All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Deep Down Inside

    1. My heartfelt thanks, Scott! I truly love writing on the subject of ‘love’, a theme which so many people fully relate to. This time of year is difficult for many who have lost a loved one yet I find my writings help them relive beautiful memories that they can hold close to heart and heal by.

      Have a wonderful holiday season, Scott. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling 2020. Warmest regards.


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