Delicate Balance; Inner Peace

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Silent tranquility rests within

as gentle falls a feather, quiet

calmness a blanket whispering

repose in soundless moments waking

affinity in spirit resting

seedlings of contentment healing


Quietude lingers, softly breathing

quiescence a voice of soundless savor

your essence embracing favor

search in longing, rightness pleasures

a balance, harmony dwells, mending

embrace its message teaching


As a feather descends, timeless

energy’s salient signal

down in a weightless descent assures

tranquil in the palm, atoning

© Don MacIver Poetry, Prose & Lyrical Verse; All rights reserved

~#innerpeacepoetry #DonMacIverPoetry #innerbalancepoems

4 thoughts on “Delicate Balance; Inner Peace

  1. While gravity has no conscious,
    not all falling makes me anxious.
    A feather slide in holding pattern,
    compared to leaf impacting fern;
    differing descent perceived by us.


  2. Don, Your work so much a treasure to others! Showing how, despite the stressed and anxieties of modern life that we all have to grapple with… Its possible to conjure such peace, beauty and gentle and nourishing harmonies within our own souls. Thank you for what you do… Regards as ever Scott


    1. Scott, such a wonderful response from you on this piece. Since beginning to write in early 2001, I have increasingly felt an awareness of life purpose through my writing. As you have related in your comments here, we live in a troubled world and our lives have become so demanding, stressful, fast-paced. All of those external negative influences impact our internal well being and our own perspective changes with time, and not always in a positive way. If I can convey the importance of positive thinking and perspective through my writing, then I will leave this earth with a great sense of achievement and I’m thankful for all these years and beyond to continue sharing this kind of message. The responses that I have received everywhere I have published, whether in book form or online have been tremendous. That tells me that writing is an essential part of my life and for all those who engage in what I share.

      Bless you always, Scott, for being here, being such a wonderful friend, and always transcending the light through your own writing journey.


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