Words by Design; Moving Audience Response from Good to Great


When not writing poetry and prose my focus reverts to my professional career through self-employment working with authors, writers, business, marketing and advertising professionals from around the globe. Their ambitions match our own on their behalf, their reach and market expansion potential vast.

I rarely speak to my professional career endeavors on this site yet my own business is all about copywriting and editing, a fascinating and exciting extension of my personal writing passion in many respects. 

On April 14, 2014, I launched ‘Lasting Impressions Editing’, my sole proprietor business providing copywriting, editing, proofreading, manuscript formatting and publishing submission services to clients locally, across Canada and the USA and around the globe.

My entire client services career the past thirty years has been largely based on comprehensive written communications and reports relating to property maintenance and operational services. While enjoying a successful career as a Real Property Administrator (RPA) providing property management services to a diverse and complex range of residential and mixed use properties, I came to the point in 2014 where I began to envision myself moving on from working with numerous of the most prominent property owner/administration firms headquartered here in Canada and also in the U.S. 

I wanted to develop a clientele who I could help finesse their written projects to a professional standard that would afford them the best possible results with their targeted audience. 

It was not until very recently that I began to use Canva.com for the creation of promotional pieces that I could share on my various social media platforms and websites. I wanted quality in their feature templates along with a good variety of purpose-centric functionality and quality high-resolution images to accompany my posts. It takes a little practice and patience to familiarize with Canva’s editor but well worth the time and effort to develop superior products.

Linked here is a presentation that I have prepared for posting on the new website of my friend, client, and associate Ernie Cefalu of Los Angeles, California whose exceptional marketing and advertising design campaigns have resulted in many of the most iconic, memorable project designs for high-profile clients across North America and around the world.

Lasting Impressions Editing Presentation

Numerous of Ernie’s famed album cover artworks, created by his extraordinary team of many of the most notable illustrative, graphic and design artists during their fourteen years together at Pacific Eye and Ear. Ernie is a three-time Grammy Award nominee and has received over twenty-five Gold and Triple Platinum Record Awards and countless industry awards for outstanding achievements on behalf of his clients. Highly notable album cover designs are featured here from among his over 230 album cover artworks, the largest collection of original album cover art in existence today.

Such an honor and thrill it is to work with Ernie Cefalu, a remarkably gifted artist in his own right who fostered brilliant conceptual ideation and graphics, not to mention his powerfully inspiring and motivational savvy working with and for the heavy hitters in the advertising industry, music, and corporate world.

My role with Ernie Cefalu is primarily copywriting and editing combined with collaborative association bringing the best possible visual design and copy work together for clients seeking to reach ever greater audience levels to capture increased market share and in many cases to reposition as foremost authorities and leaders in their respective industries.

Lasting Impressions Editing is a bold venture into the future helping clients explore new and innovative ways to reach out to their respective audiences in exceptional ways that make them and their products or services stand out and above their competitors. 

Our Brand Story


Lasting Impressions Editing strives to express in a distinct, highly creative and exceptional way; capturing the essence of a brand, communications, and storytelling through clean, clear & concise copy with a touch and feel that captures the imagination every single time.

While preserving our client’s voice, their story is delivered in a highly compelling, more desirable way.

The foundation of our content delivery is the artistic vision. We conceive through creative revisionary spirit, expanding ideas and storyline platform in a universal yet deeply resonant and profound message delivery. An evocative brand copy with decision-driven voice moves your audience to action while a powerful publication chronicles spellbinding mystery and suspense or the drama of an exquisite thriller with a salacious romantic twist!

Our process is intensely word-centric rather than a glaze-over. At the heart of our focus is the customer experience. Their journey and response reflect the extraordinary; our vision and commitment the exception. Desire and outcome begin with needs while the most fitting solution awaits them.

Words with Intention; Impassioned Response

© Lasting Impressions Editing, 2017


11 thoughts on “Words by Design; Moving Audience Response from Good to Great

    1. Abhijith, thank you kindly. I’m glad this post was meaningful for you. I have done extensive writing my entire career and the transition to editing, marketing and advertising writing/copywriting was a natural progression in the process for me. I have written and published creatively since 2001, posting much of my poetry and prose right here on WordPress since 2005, a personal passion and with four books of my original works of poetry and a fifth volume a work in progress, I find writing on that level a tremendous outlet, deeply personal and richly rewarding.

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      1. Wow Don I am so impressed. I am so proud of your achievements and wish you all the best on your future endeavours. Between if you can please do look in my page and tell me what you think about it, regarding my contents. It will be so helpful if you can. The link is as below

        http:\ authorabhijith.com


      2. Thank you so much for your kind remarks here Abhijith! My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond to you. Today I have reviewed your WordPress blog site and will email my observations to you via your email that you share with your comment here. If you have any questions, by all means contact me through my email account.

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