In The Midst of Healing


photo c/o sorasak,


When conflict racks a tormented soul

as anguish in the veil, uncertainty

Becomes your nemesis, shadowing

a weakness, its spoils revealing

Savor the beyond and higher still

cascading cleanse of renewal reigns

In plummeting free fall, escaping

release in the mist of spectral dreams

As tears bathe your vision, clarity

returns and your heart begins healing


Let your singular self emerge as

restoration and savior breathing

Coming unto your own, deliverance

Stepping into the light of living



© Don MacIver Poetry 2017; All Rights Reserved

* photo c/o sorasak,


2 thoughts on “In The Midst of Healing

  1. Great Don, earnest and heartfelt… And I sense a new wave of hope and thrust for freedom to shine true at your best here – an uplifting read…


    1. A most heartfelt thank you for such a wonderful comment Scott! You have the inside track on what influenced and inspired this piece of course and I remain in a very positive place looking to the future (which has already surfaced!). A time of great adjustment yet I have experienced this change in my life years ago, an advantage of sorts as I have greater perspective and most certainly attribute much of that to your own heartfelt expression in recent days. Thank you so much for your friendship and all you have shared. Warmest regards always.


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