Exquisite North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

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“Beautiful, supernatural BC” as our homeland is pronounced by our provincial tourism ministry, is exactly as described. Over fifty years ago as a young child I became attached to this city and the west coast, including Vancouver Island, where I had many relatives.

We would come by air or transcontinental train across country from our home in Southern Ontario located in central Canada. It was a big journey that we were always so excited to embark on as a family and to reunite with my mother’s mother and the many aunts, uncles and cousins on my mother’s side of the family.

Nearly thirty years would pass before I would relocate to the west coast of Canada, initially in Greater Vancouver and nearly thirty years later still my second wife and I would find ourselves living in beautiful North Vancouver, just a brief but very pleasant fifteen minute Seabus ride across the Burrard Inlet to the ‘North Shore’ nestled on the interface of the Coastal Mountain Range that is the stunning backdrop for Metropolitan Vancouver.

The photo sequence shared above:

Upper Left Photo: Burrard Inlet

Pictured is a paddle wheel dinner cruise ship on the Burrard Inlet where the waters of the Pacific Ocean flow in beneath the dramatic beauty of the Lions Gate Bridge which connects Metro Vancouver’s west shore to West and North Vancouver, dissecting Stanley Park in its rising path over the shimmering waters plied by huge international freighter vessels to and from port to cruise ships and pleasure craft of all descriptions from sailboats to yachts and high powered motorboats, not to mention float planes.

Upper Right Photo: Splendor of North Vancouver

As seen from downtown Metro Vancouver across the deep, dark rippling waters of the Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver rises up the mountain interface with a multitude of residential and commercial properties ranging from detached houses to a host of impressive condominium townhome, highrise apartment and office towers.

Quaint old style cultural shops line the primary streets of North Vancouver to this day. Strolling down the main streets brings a sumptuous fragrance of fine dining establishments and mom and pop restaurants that have lined the streets for decades. Life in North Vancouver has been a wonderful experience from a geographical standpoint alone.

When this photo was taken you can clearly see the line across the heavily treed mountain interface which reveals the snow elevation at that particular time. The snow elevation will vary somewhat depending on how cold weather gets during any given winter season and that can be influenced by any number of meteorological events including periodic arctic fronts that swoop down over the city and region on into the Interior mountain ranges beyond what is visible here. Snowfall down onto the cities here is fairly rare. Because of the extreme hilly conditions prevalent through the G.V.R.D., when it does snow onto city streets traffic can be a nightmare which a high volume of accidents.

Lower Photo:

Pictured in this lower visual is the stunning view from the over 4,000 foot elevation of gorgeous Grouse Mountain which is directly north from our current home location. During the short winter months snow falls in great volume, the perfect location of a premier skiing experience. There is also a restaurant and lounge at the upper level accessed by gondola.

The views of North Vancouver (foreground) and the Burrard Inlet which dissects the North Shore and Metro Vancouver (across the middle of the photo) is superb as seen here and even more spectacular at night after dark as millions of lights twinkle in a magical array of symmetrical order that is home, street and bridge lighting across the vast expanse that is Greater Vancouver.

At the four-thousand foot elevation one stands high enough to experience the magic of cloud formations drifting over the mountain interface, Inlet and city lights below. It is really quite easy to fall in love with Vancouver and its expanse of twenty-two (22) municipalities within the G.V.R.D. 


Our homeland is a blessing, a joy and celebration of the extraordinary beauty of this lush and mountainous west coast province shouldered on its western shores by the magnificent Pacific Ocean. For thirty years now British Columbia has been my homeland. We are faced with many of life’s challenges just as the people across our country are. It is rugged territory which presents its own inherent splendor and challenges combined.

The sheer ruggedness of the land and mountains with high elevation highways that twist and wind, rise to dizzying heights and fall to sea level and wildlife that is beautiful from a safe distance or a perilous danger up close, it remains in large part a virgin wildlife playground, much of which is inaccessible to humans by vehicle and treacherous to venture into on foot.

North Vancouver; a step away from the metropolis of downtown Vancouver, is ever-growing with new development yet maintains a comfortable separation from the big city with its clamor of big business and commerce and an extensive blend of high rise condominium and office towers where the hustle and bustle of everyday city existence is unceasing and always dynamic.

I have always elected to live in suburban areas a comfortable distance from the big city. North Vancouver still allows me that comfort where my wife Andrea and I experience Vancouver from yet another different perspective. It suits us well until we choose to relocate once again.


2 thoughts on “Exquisite North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

    1. Thank you once again John! We have lived in various municipalities of Greater Vancouver over the past thirty years. North Vancouver has a good feel to it; rich in cultural blend, international flavor of the area restaurants, easy commuting by auto or transit, an nice blend of houses and modern high rise architecture and the city is nestled at the foot of the Coastal Mountain Range with gorgeous views…wonderful inspiration for writing. This location is a temporary stop but for now a very pleasant change of surroundings while not too metropolitan.

      Warmest regards,


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