VANISHED in the SUN Carlos & Mia, 2

Friends, once again I am raving about accomplished author Lynda Filler’s latest in a consistently engaging collection of thriller, suspense and romance novels. The storyline presented above gives a solid picture of this exceptional novel. Check out this novel and the Lynda Filler collection of fictional works and outstanding poetry on Amazon Kinlde. This is one author whose name will be among those on the bestseller lists soon!

Please share this post in support of the author. Quality literature is a fine art and needs your support as much as the authors themselves. THIS author is truly exceptional.

Lynda Filler Author, Freelancer, Photographer, Poet, Top Quora Writer 2018 New Release VANISHED in the SUN, Book 2 Carlos and Mia

VANISHED in the SUN, second edition of this exhilarating romance thriller series by powerfully engaging novelist Lynda Filler is finally here! Reminiscent of TARGET in the SUN, first edition in the series, ‘VANISHED’ is an exciting and natural extension to the debut novel in which we saw lovers Mia and Carlos ultimately find a new lease on life through the serenity and safety of witness protection at an undisclosed location. Feeling secure after three years, Mia and Carlos would soon discover a mutual desire to return to their beloved Puerto Vallarta. Their ultimate safety is jeopardised for their decision.
Lucia, the infamous and decorated FBI agent who helped Mia and Carlos disappear, changes her identity and retires to the sultry beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She re-unites with the lovers in romantic Paris, France and finds herself in the…

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