Start Believing

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Life unfolds as it will, by our graces, our virtue, tenacity, our dreams beholden. We can embrace life for all its goodness and potential, or let it slip between our fingers as grains of sand free falling.

So often we fall back on the reliance of life destined when in reality life is simply not there for the taking. Good comes from enduring, undying believing…in ourselves, our dreams are there for the keeping. Self-driven awareness and unrelenting, we must learn and nurture, strive for goals and achievement. Nothing to be taken for granted nor handed to us on proverbial silver platters. It all begins with belief and self-assurance that with focus and the deepest of earthly desire those dreams are attainable…we just have to start with believing…


Self-doubt but a blinding echo

As fog drifting, silent, obscuring

All that beholds our capacity

In the days before us unknowing


With surety lay your sights upon

The nourish of eyes cast open

To heart and soul, forgotten spirit

Enlightened tomorrows in waiting


Risen awareness, moments of joy

Awakened belief in receiving

Listen long, intently breathtaking

For a voice internal is calling


Cast away the fears, a faith resides

Deeply resident, heart and soul

A journey is yours, alone to savor

As dreams, a path well taken


Fear not when disenchantment lingers

Nor tears would fall resignedly

Reach out, embrace with open arms

All that you are and always shall be


© Don MacIver 2016


4 thoughts on “Start Believing

  1. This is a different spin from you, and I really like it. It is deep. It resonates with me on a personal level, as I know it will, anyone fortunate enough to read. Yours is a good road map for life’s travails and travels.


    1. Thank you Michael. This piece was partially inspired by my challenges the past year defining and establishing a new small business entity and most recently through the vision of a new client who has just welcomed me into her team with a business venture. Through time, humanity has gotten way off track in so many ways. They have become angered, disengaged from life in an intolerant, negative and even hostile way. Somehow we have to turn this detachment around…one person at a time, one group at a time. I would love to leave this world knowing that somehow I made a difference, helped people change their perspective for a happier, more fulfilling life.


      1. Somehow we have to appeal to humanity’s greater senses…of belonging, courtesy, respect, community, pride, freedom, spirituality…. So many have lost sight, lost their will, lost their inner strength and conviction. We have seen a tremendous change in quality of life and living over the past few decades…such a shame. I see so much good in this life yet we’ve lost a lot of ground.


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