Introducing: Lasting Impressions Editing

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As Owner/Editor of LASTING IMPRESSIONS EDITING, I provide client services for textual content ranging from editing, proofreading, writing, re-writing, formatting, qualitative analysis, website content revision, search engine and social media optimization and more, my focus is on helping my clients ensure that their readers are engaging in a very responsive way.

Whether the client is an author, writer, poet, business professional or individual with important documents, book manuscripts, business communications and more, my clients find me from near and far as I continue to service their needs whether they are just around the corner or across the other side of the globe.

Today, I am celebrating the reconstruction and relocation of my business website to right here on WordPress! What better place on the internet to share my professional services and spread the word.

You are cordially invited! Please take a few moments to browse through my new website at Lasting Impressions Editing! If you have any questions or wish to talk to me about a project of your own please do contact me either here or through the business website’s quick and easy Contact Form found on the ‘Contact’ page.

I you would, kindly comment here (or on the business site linked here and please do SHARE the site by linking and/or REBLOGGING here on WordPress!

Take a moment to see the KEY WORD BLOG and SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Warmest regards to all!


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