New Publication Release; Introducing ‘Heartlands’

Heartlands, 51toDFi9kBL   I am pleased to announce the release of my newest publication of original works of poetry and prose: ‘HEARTLANDS‘ at Amazon KDP Select!


This much anticipated fourth volume of my inspirational poetic verse is a continuation of life’s journey, the culmination of nearly five years of bridging the human experience connecting with our superlative natural environment.

My homeland for nearly thirty years now, British Columbia, Canada is aptly referred to as ‘supernatural’, an extraordinary environment that leaves us breathless in its astounding beauty, its rugged mountain interfaces, its wildlife that ranges from wild horses to mountain lions and goats, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, cougar, grizzly and black bears…the list is long and part of the abundant mystique that engages our sense of wonderment and being.

The writing of ‘Heartlands‘ has been a deeply personal journey, not unlike my three previous poetry and prose publications. A generous portion of this release also engages the treasures and challenges of human relationships. So much inspires the way we interact with each other, how we discover and nurture love and caring.


Poet, writer Don MacIver has once again drawn upon his innermost emotional connection to contemporary prose and poetic verse, greatly influenced by all things that continuously inspire and foster visual perceptions through his written word and the desire to follow our own dreams.

Heartlands, a diverse range of highly responsive poetic works, takes the reader through a deeply personal engagement of life experiences and our natural surroundings that impact our living experience in a profound and enriching way that makes Heartlands a personal library favorite. Finding the ultimate connection whether through inspiration, romance and relationships, the powerful and deeply personal impact of our homeland, loss of a loved one, the tragedy of global military conflicts or just plain whimsical fancy; it’s all here on the pages of this exceptional fourth volume of this writer’s original works of poetry.

Imagine your own connection to candlelit dreams, our richly inspiring history of human hardship and accomplishment, a meeting of minds, finding your way in life, deeply emotional moments charmed by a romance, the heartache of misunderstandings and estrangement. Walk a pathway into the depths of an enchanting forest filled with the fragrant essence of wilderness, its solitude and restorative energy. Embrace your homeland, your ‘Heartland’, the very place of your upbringing, explore and discover the many possibilities that life affords our decision as they would shape our present and future.

Forever inspired and indebted to the brilliance of master poets through the ages, this poet writes in a contemporary style through a fusion of traditional composition elements that stimulate the reader’s sensory perceptions while affording each reader the luxury of their own interpretation and responses.

This writer’s deeply heartfelt and emotional connection to highly relatable poetic verse continues to engage him as a lifelong passion. ‘Heartlands’ is a nurturing, healing and uplifting reader experience.

You are cordially invited to dim the lights, cozy up in your favorite place of refuge and solitary, sip on something soothing and just let the words take you away. Feel the light and its earthly origins through ‘Heartlands’.

Please explore HEARTLANDS on Amazon KDP, leave a critically important Review, share this new publication link with others and if you are moved to add Heartlands to your home library, enjoy and treasure the words always. Heartlands would also make a wonderful gift for family and friends!

My previous publications of poetic works are found at my Lulu Publications Spotlight.

As always, thank you each and every one for your kind support through the years. May you always be blessed with good light, good reading!

© Don MacIver, 2016  HEARTLANDS on Amazon KDP


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