sisterly impact

I have known and followed Eileen Brinker for quite a number of years now, ever fascinated by her perspectives, her word craft, her ingenuity. Follow this writer whose thoughts are a devotion well beneath the surface.

From an other-wise-sane perspective

having a sister is not for what you can get
but for what you can give…

a sister is not someone to share secrets with
it is someone you share truths with

they are not a person to tattoo together or
do each other’s hair
like sheep or baby dolls
a sister is someone who smiles when you smile
but stays strong
when you are not so strong

they find independence and you love them
for every ounce of rebellion

a sister is not someone to alleviate your own boredom
they are a person who cares when you are not feeling well

they don’t have to be there for you
they can walk away and you let them walk away

because a sister is about respect
is about love without conditions

it is not about having a permanent friend
because friends are dime a dozen
…a sister is so much…

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