Peace; Contentment, Heart & Soul


photo ‘Promise’ © Carolyn Meltzer, photographer


CC Meltzer Photography

© Carolyn C. Meltzer, CC Meltzer Photography

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


In the beginnings of humanity there existed man and beast, a

coexistence, a balance of instinct and survival

 Fittest fought the vulnerable and ultimately won

a battle of weapons crude, rudimentary

Creatures of unimaginable size dominated in

strength and a hunger predatory

Savage in consuming, falter and be taken

Mortality all but due process of living


Male and female of the human species would

mate in procreative, natural tendency

An evolving conversation of guttural revelation

as pantomime posturing, theatrical mimicry in playful rhetoric

or angered and insistent characterization

Each day a succession of sunrise and falling,

existence through the eyes and mindful meeting,

a contentment of heart and soul in knowing


Centuries past in the human prevailing as

trial and error became guidance of bearing

The mighty sword wielded in victor and valor,

the lesser lay fallen, the least contender

Time in its passage the ultimate teaching as

uprising and conquer, the tally in waiting

Of conquest and losses, query beholding

Nations wept for their losses, heroine spoiling


In this day a darkness of evil befalls, perceptions

misguided and cruel awakening

Where needless slaughter the ultimate legacy,

suicidal in its bloody execution

Screams of pain and disheartened sorrow

bleed from the mouths of disbelieving

Where went the undying spirit of heart and soul

Through the mere consequence of life and living


Love and peace once forever believing as

humanity abhorred the human condition

Whether faith or divine intervention leaving we

flounder in fields of fragrant saving

Lost to the consummate battle cry sung      

upon death and smoldering ruination

Tears fall as the innocent come to terms

a victim of hatred in senseless rebellion


Lay down your swords of discontent upon

grounds of subversion and endless hating

For the winds of change shall come to bear

the fragrance of solitude, peace and caring



In this, a continuing series, I am honored and excited to share a collaborative undertaking with gifted Atlanta, Georgia photographer Carolyn C. Meltzer titled ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ pairing my own original written verse through the inspiration of Carolyn’s striking photographic images. One of the most fundamental means to enhance poetry’s reader experience is through the pairing of stunning photographic images in a union of compelling and inspired perceptions that only the individual reader can fully embrace.

Discover Carolyn’s extraordinary gift for capturing breathtaking visuals of life and the remarkable beauty of our natural surroundings. I truly felt compelled to present her breathtaking images alongside my poetic verse in a unified representation of creative arts endeavor embracing the extraordinary elements of nature that touch our heart, mind and soul.

To my readers I implore that you visit the website of Carolyn C. Meltzer, linked beneath the accompanying photo or by clicking the image itself, to explore and experience the beauty and wonderment of her subjects through an accomplished camera lens. Share in the emotions and spirit of creative and artistic collaboration through visuals in verse.

Care for and protect our natural environment…our very existence depends on it.

© Don MacIver 2016; All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Peace; Contentment, Heart & Soul

    1. Thank you Myke. This piece was darker than my usual perspective and I guess much of our more recent acts of hatred around the globe was an influence in its writing. When my prose goes back through centuries it is in a sense a historical ‘lesson’ of sorts, a comparison. We have always been taught to learn from history yet the darkest elements of our past seem to keep resurfacing with similar patters of motivation and influence. We know the devastation of nuclear armaments yet we have a nation testing short and mid-range missiles, which would bear nuclear warheads, all the same. Prejudice continues to rear its ugly head. Human intolerance and the constant desire to reign supreme. We see ourselves as more tolerant, forgiving and understanding yet we posture as in conquest to conquer. Some day I pray the human race evolves to the point of wanting nothing more than peace through contentment, heart & soul.


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