Lynda Filler; Rating High on Amazon Kindle!

LYNDA-FILLER-JET-exposed-web_H-aWEUkjB8VaLF2UVR45jZYs7_n9Xqlm5d-OCMwnG0JET ULTIMATUM 04.10.16new book-revised5ROAD TO SANPACHO 1 FINAL COVER 06.08.09

cover designs and publications © Lynda Filler, author, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico


As an editor, I am often engaged by authors for the editing, proofreading, formatting, submission and other publication services to help ensure that the final product is clean, concise, visually appealing and highly relevant and that all textual content will resonate with my clients’ respective readership following.

One such client, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico author and poet Lynda Filler continues to amaze and impress with top ranking on Amazon Kindle for her highly compelling, action-packed, suspenseful and romantic novellas and full-length novels publishes to various publishing platforms in print and eBook formats on Amazon Kindle.

A prolific, accomplished and thoroughly engaging writer, Lynda Filler is consistently ranking high, including Top 10, in her adult fiction genres which include thriller, suspense, mystery and romance. Her entire collection is found on her Amazon Author Central page.

The author’s individual publication links are found at JET-EXPOSED, Kindle Jet World , JET-ABDUCTED, Kindle Jet WorldJET-ULTIMATUM, Kindle Jet World , TARGET IN THE SUN, KDP & CreateSpace , and THE ROAD TO SAN PANCHO, Kindle Lei Crime Series.

Lynda Filler’s distinctive writing style has been likened to that of leading bestseller authors and rightly so. When I am approached by potential author clients I welcome the contact and opportunity while at the same time conscious of not only the author’s writing abilities but also how powerfully engaging their work is to the readership following.

I can’t speak highly enough about Lynda Filler as a client and accomplished author. Check out her Amazon publications to add to your own personal library and watch for her as a bestseller author in the near future! For nail-biting, heart-tugged emotional roller coaster anticipation, look to Lynda Filler on Amazon Kindle for the ultimate reading experience.

The foregoing is unsolicited information and endorsement of Lynda Filler for her outstanding storylines and true dedication to her literary endeavors. She is a formidable force in the literary realm with a fabulous future ahead of her. Unabashedly, I am proud to be her editor and a huge fan!



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