Down Memory Lane

Meltzer_Old and Forgottn

photo © Carolyn Meltzer 2016  ‘Old and Forgotten’


CC Meltzer Photography

© Carolyn C. MeltzerCC Meltzer Photography

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

© Don MacIver, poet, author, writer, editor

Penticton, BC, Canada


Peace comes with abundance as summer skies

Gnarled in a patchwork quilt of downy

Cloud as it lingers ‘fore Heaven takes it away

In silent, unspoken, disconsolate weary

Shadows cast dapple on landscapes forlorn

In sadness of cast away, decomposed

The clutter of wind driven free-fall, deserted

Time lapse down memory lane, reminiscent


Solitude of Sundays bring my return

To this place amid the pine trees weeping

Their needles rain down upon oldfangled

Decay of a bygone era sleeping

Tireless motorcar mildewed, peeling

A solitary confinement of neglect

Albeit in beauty, artistic rendering

And I crouch in its presence, awaiting


Lingering in the greatest anticipation

For a whisper from past in resonating

Deserted, the languish of reckless abandon

Bathed in the potable rains in coming




In this, a continuing series, I am honored and excited to share a collaborative undertaking with gifted Atlanta, Georgia photographer Carolyn C. Meltzer titled ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ pairing my own original written verse through the inspiration of Carolyn’s striking photographic images. One of the most fundamental means to enhance poetry’s reader experience is through the pairing of stunning photographic images in a union of compelling and inspired perceptions that only the individual reader can fully embrace.

Discover Carolyn’s extraordinary gift for capturing breathtaking visuals of life and the remarkable beauty of our natural surroundings. I truly felt compelled to present her breathtaking images alongside my poetic verse in a unified representation of creative arts endeavor embracing the extraordinary elements of nature that touch our heart, mind and soul.

To my readers I implore that you visit the website of Carolyn C. Meltzer, linked beneath the accompanying photo or by clicking the image itself, to explore and experience the beauty and wonderment of her subjects through an accomplished camera lens. Share in the emotions and spirit of creative and artistic collaboration through visuals in verse.

Care for and protect our natural environment…our very existence depends on it.

© Don MacIver 2016; All Rights Reserved

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© Don MacIver, Author, Poet 2016; All Rights Reserved

Don MacIver Poetry © 2016

Author’s Publications © 2016


4 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane

  1. Evening Don, For me this grows stronger as it continues… “a whisper from the past…” and ” the languish of reckless abandon” especially strong. Though think I would have preferred ‘Lingering’ as the verb to begin the last stanza – especially following on so directly from ‘awaiting’ in the line above.. The use of ‘potable’ is also bold and effective. Thanks for a very evocative read Don – it reminded me of something I wrote some years ago now for my second published collection, I think… Will have to look that one up… With Best Wishes Scott


    1. Hello Scott. Thank you as always for your comments and I’ll certainly look at that last stanza. I seemed to get a little distracted in writing those closing lines so it’s not surprising if I could have made more suitable word choices. Recent demands of my time outside of writing have likely resulted in some of that distraction and perhaps, like that old vehicle in the piece, left me a little rusty! So good to hear from you Scott. My best to you in return. It’s so hard to believe one half of this year has passed us by.


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