Bindweed Magazine seeking short story submissions

Friends, won’t you please stop by Leilanie Stewart’s new publication ‘Bindweed Magazine’, follow and share your own writing here.


Leilanie Stewart

2016-04-19 07.53.30

What a month it has been! Since I launched my online magazine on 3 April, I’ve been inundated with poetry submissions – you can read all of the great verse so far on the Bindweed Magazine homepage. It’s great to know that there are so many quality poets out there keeping poetry alive; and in the case of Bindweed, growing and spreading to creep over all the immaculately manicured poetry-petals of mainstream verse!

But, there is still a need for quality prose submissions. Bindweed is still seeking fiction for Issue 1. Whether you write flash fiction (less than 1000 words), or short stories (I’m happy to take stories of up to 3000 words – this length is to accommodate the later print anthology), as long as your work is interesting and well written, feel free to send it my way! You can check out the Bindweed Magazine Submission Guidelines for…

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4 thoughts on “Bindweed Magazine seeking short story submissions

  1. This might be fun to participate in, but I seriously doubt I have a short story that is less than 3,000 words. If you think I am long winded when it comes to poetry, you should see my prose…


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