Touching the Heavens

Mount Waddington, BC

photo c/o Bing Search, source unknown

Mount Waddington, British Columbia

It’s peak rising over 13,000 ft. above the Pacific Ocean and centered on the Queen Charlotte Strait, this monolith’s peak touches the heavens beyond the reach of all others amoung the Coast Mountain Range in all its vastness and splendour. Sparkling seas glimmer in a dance of blinding display far, far below.

Our travels have taken us to nearby Telegraph Cove on the northeast side of Vancouver Island, where so far below one can only imagine the remoteness, the pristine grandeur and silent refuge of the Waddington summit.

Imagine not a solitary sound save unpredictable weather systems whispering and churning as the haunting chants of the Haida Gwaii amoung this rugged, craggy stanchion seldom accessed and climbed by human adventurists.

Wild, unleashed beauty in the surrounds of glaciers and cavernous valleys, its shear majesty is a seemingly ornate and delicate balance of rock, snow and forbidding ice that would challenge the most experienced climbers who access her greatness via helicopter.

When we ventured to Telegraph Cove, the winter rains fell well off vertical in wind-driven frenzies of gusting fury and a coastal mist so heavy Waddington was a mere distant pinpoint of the imagination yet so very near, fully obscured behind a curtain of unrelenting coastal storm waves whipping the open seas into a perilous frenzy.

We will return to explore, to discover, to connect with the unimaginable and cathartic presence of this towering mass nestled amid the imposing mystique of the Charlotte passage and coastal range. Until then, its profound immensity awaits in vacuous silence for those who bid its seeing, its feeling, its succumbing.


4 thoughts on “Touching the Heavens

    1. Thank you Michael! By virtue of its remoteness and accessibility only by air for the ultimate skiing and hiking enthusiasts, ‘paradise’ remains in the eye of the beholder. My personal favourite amoung the vast mountain ranges of BC are those which are bespeckled with towering cedar and pine and inhabited by wildlife such as bighorn sheep though at such elevations vegetation and four-legged roamers are extremely minimal if not non-existent. The craggy, towering summit and sheer interface are really quite striking against the rich blue backdrop of skyscape that literally takes my breath away. I draw from it the inspiration that the sky truly IS the limit in a metaphoric sense though in reality the seemingly infinite entity that is space far, far beyond is more literally limitless. Even viewing such monoliths from their base or lower benches, as I have done many times, leaves one awestruck at its beauty and silent sentry before a landscape and shimmering seas that so far below seem surreal in their existence. My greatest wonder is what kind of unimaginable force unleashed from beneath to drive these towering masses skyward, a force I pray I shall never witness firsthand.


  1. The same force that brought those mountains to a peak, once put them all underwater. That explanation is good enough for me, especially when I presume that from the high points, one would be standing that much closer to Heaven.


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