Photograph of beautiful mountains and pine-dotted terrain of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia


Photograph of beautiful mountains and pine-dotted terrain of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

photo © Don MacIver, Penticton, BC 2016


If only time would stand still in the moment of
Life in its fullest and earthly desire to
Live and breathe for all of its taking
From open heart and earthly soul to
Land and sea and sky redolent
Where lakes and oceans, shores in awaiting
An ebb of tidal cleanse abating on
Sands of time, a serenity
Unfolds in all its unspoiled glory
An eagle soars in the majesty

Lush is the vineyard interface
An emerald lake in serpentine
Resplendence its photographic charm
From lofty acquaintance, lodgepole pine
Fjords meander mountain stanchions
Of staggering heights in dreamlike repose
Waters plied on vessels leisure
Soulful whispers drift in wayward winds


Feel your heartsounds flow through body and soul
As your burden relinquished touches Heaven
Find peace in serenity, a love for mankind
A hope everlasting captured in time


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© Don MacIver, Author, Poet 2016; All Rights Reserved
Don MacIver Poetry © 2016
Author’s Publications © 2016


8 thoughts on “Assent

    1. Thank you John! ‘Assent’ took on a multi-layered perspective through the deeply inspiring images of my homeland and once again the words were fluid in their conceiving. The influence British Columbia has had on my writing is perhaps the single most significant aspect of my life here next to my wife Andrea who has also inspired my writing in so many ways. We have a real sense of connection of the land here in the Okanagan Valley. It is a step well away from the metropolitan lifestyle we shared for years on the coast. Assent will have its special and rightful place in my fourth volume of poetry and prose which I hope to publish by mid-year.

      Warmest regards as always friend.

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  1. Hiya Don, Thanks, as ever, for sharing your latest heart-felt and inspiring piece with me… Though just thinking, unless you are aiming at some play on the differing (but maybe related…) meanings of: ‘assent’ – essentially meaning approval, agreement, permission… And ‘as ascend’ or ‘ascent’ – meaning rather a rise or climb to a height… Then I think the title of the poem is best spelt as per the latter?? Anyway, as ever, just a supportive suggestion for you Don – let me know what you think… Hope all is going well for you right now. Regards as ever Scottie x

    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 23:41:34 +0000 To:

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    1. Scott, thank you as always for your most welcome responses to my writing. I love that writing affords the reader the latitude of their own interpretation of my words and I much prefer that to restricting interpretation to one intended meaning or message. Given the elements found in this piece one would reasonably reflect on ‘ascent’ though my thoughts in the composition leaned more closely to the conceptual basis for ‘assent’ in terms of affirmation of life and its tangible and intangible giving and receiving….sounds rather abstract but my focus was more in that direction. I seek to enhance the reading experience as such with broader interpretation often my objective…perhaps that would seem a stretch in this instance?

      Many thanks again for your valued presence and comments Scott.


      1. Writing for me has been such a continual journey of exploration and discovery and I hope readers will engage in a similar way. Thank you once again for your presence here Scott…so greatly appreciated. Regrettably, I have had such a preoccupation with things that my writing has been a sporadic offering at best the past year and hopefully I can be more consistent in this current year. I would like to publish my next volume of poetry this year. Warmest regards.


    1. Such a wonderful comment! Much of my writing is influenced and inspired by the tremendous natural surroundings of our homeland including the photo accompanying the piece. British Columbia is an amazing province to see…huge, breathtaking mountains, the Pacific ocean, swift-flowing rivers, lakes beyond words, many which are emerald green in appearance, vineyards and fruit farms, fjords and more. Our wildlife is amazing…eagles, herons, bighorn ship and mountain goats, bears, cougars, deer, elk. There is something about this region that we live in that captures the human spirit in so many ways…awe-inspired, spiritual, serenity. I could go on and on but the main idea here is the powerful connection the people have with the land, sea and everything in between. Thank you so much for being here. I hope you return again soon!


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