Our Daily Bread…


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Daybreak brings promise as the sun would rise
In hunger’s lingered reminder dwelling
Of days bearing little though wills of survival
Stretch the human limitations of burden
Our meager existence accentuated by
Simplicity’s condiments gathering
The pain and heartache of darkness within
Spared only by humility’s undertaking
Alone with our solitude, silent weeping as
Resigned to our plight by dawn’s early light
We ask in the words of vigilant prayer
That He give us our daily bread, receiving
With thanks and the tears from Heaven
Which, bathed in a cleanse divine relieving
The weight of our sadness overwhelms
Yet an inner strength awaits conceiving
Plight is a matter for those caught looking
Into the darkness through eyes of indifference
I stand in good measure and domicile
For the will to survive my gracious giving
The birds, how they chirrup excitedly
And dance on the window sill conceding
Our blessings of many, our challenge remains
To seize of the moment, live fast to our dreams
Though our cup is save but few drops in remain
And our vessel of remnants modest leaven
We rise to the day in self-determined
Assurance in the soulful spirit of living

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© Don MacIver, Author, Poet 2016; All Rights Reserved
Don MacIver Poetry © 2016
Author’s Publications © 2016


8 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread…

    1. Oh John, I’m so pleased to see this resonated with you. I felt the words as they flowed with relative ease today on this subject. I am not a worldly traveler as yet though I have seen the ravages of a depressed economic situation across many areas of North America over the years. Our instinct for survival is drawn from inner strength and the desire for a better tomorrow. I recognize the darker sides of life yet chose to explore and embrace the positive in life through my writing. If I can instill hope for even but one individual in this world before I leave my earthly presence I will have succeeded beyond measure. Thank you for this my friend.

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    1. Awe, thank you so much Scott! I love to draw on the visual and this instance was no exception. I strive to see the positive, even in the darkest situation, and instill in others the will to persevere even when things are at their bleakest. When I have a deep personal sense of connection and response in reading back my work I have a much greater sense of knowing that readers will benefit likewise. ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ immediately came to mind when I found the accompanying photo. I cannot claim a strong sense of ‘faith’ as it were yet I do feel connected to a higher being and as a child my upbringing included focus on that prayer daily. Even in very challenging times in my own father’s professional career, he always found a way to ensure that we ate well and that we appreciated what we had…always. Warmest regards my friend.


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