Picture of fragile, inverted umbrella-like flowers, photo by Carolyn C. Meltzer, Atlanta, GA

Uplifting as Dreams; prose

Picture of fragile, inverted umbrella-like flowers, photo by Carolyn C. Meltzer, Atlanta, GA

photo ‘make a wish’ © Carolyn C. Meltzer

CC Meltzer Photography
© Carolyn C. Meltzer, CC Meltzer Photography
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


In moments of quiet deliberation, a pause to reflect on
dream’s anticipation
Our aspirations drift upon winds of
uplifting hymnal recitation
A chorus angelic, sweeping as song notes
caught in an updraft, inverted umbrellas
Spindly fragments of skeletal veins poised
to fly, to be swept gently away
Wishes take on textures as black and white stills
of starkness, transparency, contrasting mutation
Swollen rivers of spring in flowing and mountains
in a shroud of cloud-cast shadow
Would our dreams survive in their wayward drifting
or spiral without answer nor contemplation
We gaze to the heavens as though in doing
would prompt a response to our query waiting
As darkness falls, moon and stars in rising
illumines of energy, imagination
Tell stories of desire and aspirations as
pin drops of incantation soaring on wings
of pinafore petticoat reigning
Whereupon the mist of midnight fog casts
esoteric glances draping
And our dreams live forever on mandolin winds


In this, a continuing series, I am honored and excited to share a collaborative undertaking with gifted Atlanta, Georgia photographer Carolyn C. Meltzer titled ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ pairing my own original written verse through the inspiration of Carolyn’s striking photographic images. One of the most fundamental means to enhance poetry’s reader experience is through the pairing of stunning photographic images in a union of compelling and inspired perceptions that only the individual reader can fully embrace.

Discover Carolyn’s extraordinary gift for capturing breathtaking visuals of life and the remarkable beauty of our natural surroundings. I truly felt compelled to present her breathtaking images alongside my poetic verse in a unified representation of creative arts endeavor embracing the extraordinary elements of nature that touch our heart, mind and soul.
To my readers I implore that you visit the website of Carolyn C. Meltzer, linked beneath the accompanying photo or by clicking the image itself, to explore and experience the beauty and wonderment of her subjects through an accomplished camera lens. Share in the emotions and spirit of creative and artistic collaboration through visuals in verse.

Care for and protect our natural environment…our very existence depends on it.

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© Don MacIver, Author, Poet 2015; All Rights Reserved
Don MacIver Poetry © 2015
Author’s Publications © 2015


4 thoughts on “Uplifting as Dreams; prose

    1. Thank you Scott. Your engagement and comments here are always most welcome. I’m never quite sure where Carolyn Meltzer’s beautiful photographic visuals will take me, this being no exception. The very thing that I love about Carolyn’s images is that they allow me the latitude to go where my heart and soul shall go in response and Carolyn has been as pleased with the results as I have, now nearly two years on this collaboration together.


  1. Hiya, Just to tip you off think there is a typo on this one: ‘piano fore’ should be ‘pianoforte’ ? Otherwise a delight a usual… I’m sure we will be in touch again before Christmas… Regards as ever Scottie xxxx

    Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 02:15:01 +0000 To: scotthastie@hotmail.com


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