Home on the Okanagan Range; an epilogue

Picture of mountains and vineyard of South Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Near a lifetime of city dwelling’s passage
In disparage of days, a lost humanity
Toils in the choking fumes and litter-bound
Clutter of masses chock full and weary
As a burgeoning writer my future lay in waiting as I contemplated the essence of my earthly being. Sooner than later I must flee this insanity of towering concrete and steel menagerie. People in the mix, the noise mechanical as their daily endeavors intermingle. Circumstance drove my existence day to day. I bathed, I dressed, ate and drove to an office, poured over entanglement of lives in making.

I’d crawl through traffic in all due process, hear the prattle of nonsense disgorged by the news of overcrowding, overload of mentality, violent ranting, societal disparity. A cloud of obscurity overwhelming, our decisions loomed; should we go now or stay? The ultimate decision not long in its tarry, our future would beckon, moving onward, destiny.

With each passing mile disquietude languished as distant memories trailing in windswept turmoil of custody and sudden unawareness…our debriefing as the turmoil slipped unobtrusively away. The air filled our lungs in the purity of pleasure, the silence afforded our thoughts in vestige few elements of what was now far behind.

A glance, disbelieving, in the rear view mirror afforded the luxuriant absence as city lights dimmed. The highway opened as dwellers in trailing disembarked to abodes of boundary living. A breathtaking silence engulfed and beholden, a clarity of process returned unassuming.

The island life served us well through the years, a dozen exploring, discovery. The sea, the mountains, lakes, rivers and streams, abundant wildlife, nature all a dream. We became one with the spirit in leaving a life largely intolerable, without purpose it seemed.

And now we are nearing two years amidst the splendor of south-central Okanagan Valley. Our homeland a sprawling basin of rugged mountains, lakes and rivers’ meander. In the shoulder of the Cascades and Okanagan Range, our greatest pilgrimage far and away from the populace drawn to coastal largess of the metropolitan cacophony.

Rugged crags of shear bluffs terraced, Lodgepole Pine in bedrock protrusion. Coyotes and cougar, inconspicuous roam, deer grazing their silent and lofty domain. Rivers snake the valley floor far below in pristine linkage to lakes in their finding. High on the plateaus an undulant rolling of vineyards, architectural lineage of grapes on the vine. A mere hour south is the searing desert, a dustbowl of windswept sands to the border. From here we can drive south through the splendor of the same, Washington, Oregon, expansive California.

Small and modest towns and cities dot the landscape, periodic out here in the Valley where peace and solitude grace our journey in keeping. What lay ahead will come as it may. We give constant thanks living life in our time, our own way.

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Don MacIver Poetry © 2015
Author’s Publications © 2015


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6 thoughts on “Home on the Okanagan Range; an epilogue

  1. Much more than disillusion with the circumstances and silliness of our present world
    this is a genuine search for a better more fulfilling alternative life with spirituality and real meaning.

    A splendid offering, Don

    THank You

    Always with my best to You



    1. And thank you John. There is much more to this journey to experience, this walk of life, and for us it was a natural and positive step to move on. Many difficult memories of parents lost were lingering motivations but even more than that it was perhaps the first time in our fourteen years together that all the decisions, the choices, were our own to make without external influence…it was about Andrea and I, together, moving forward. We are essentially at one together now and we need to embrace what we have while creating a reformatted essence to that life together that will be both fulfilling and transforming as we develop as human beings…and reaffirm what we are to each other.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re most welcome Richard and thank you for your presence and comment once again…very much appreciated! Nature and the environment have always been a significant influence on my writing and life in the Okanagan Valley is truly special and a tremendous inspiration for my writing as well. Living in British Columbia means a deeply personal re-connection with land, lakes rivers, streams, mountains, desert, the wildlife that roams their natural environment and last but certainly not least the sky, heavens and outer space beyond which all serve to enrich the heart, mind and soul.


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