Hay Bales Back Home; poetry, prose

picture of hay bales in expansive hay field, cloudy sky

photo c/o Google Images


Sometimes in salient wander I dream

Of hot summer days and sultry afternoons

Muggy, oppressive body-soaked heat where

Moistened hair and clothes would cling to clammy

Skin irritated with a prickly sting

Darkened clouds heavy on pageantry blue

Hay bales in symmetry on fields back home

Alone in the silence of it all, atoned


Fresh cut hay in all its earthy pungence

Short stalk bristling stiffly underfoot

Bales pimple rolling hillsides now and then

A passing crow stalking, angered chatter

Occasional whispers of wind in shallow

Gusts of desultory exclamation

Would it rain today, rather unlikely

Relief, still one is hopeful of its blessing


In the silence of the acreage I would

Sit upon the earth in resplendent reverence

My breathing slow and shallow as though waiting

For the coming of life’s meaning, lest my purpose

A sobriety of singular being

At peace within and serenity without

For amidst the lineage of fodder

Conclusive answers beg my query


© Don MacIver, Poet 2015; All Rights Reserved

Poetic Soul © 2015

Author’s Publications © 2015


3 thoughts on “Hay Bales Back Home; poetry, prose

    1. Thank you Lauren. My apologies for the time lapsed since your comment (internet issues to deal with). I have always looked back on my youth with great fondness. Life in the countryside was a powerful connection with nature for me and perhaps early beginnings of impressions that would stay with me into my writing years. Nature continues to be a tremendous passion for me and also a critical influence on my writing. I feel a great sense of passion for the protection of our natural landscape, wildlife and environment and although I have not engaged in an activist way I deliver what I hope is a compelling message to my readers. This piece had a special significance to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries, at all, Don! I’m slowing down with blogging because my class started and now I’m doing a lot of writing and reading. So I’m not sure where my blog falls into my work/school schedule right now…anyway, love this and I feel the same way about nature, even more so as I’ve grown older…take care 🙂


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