Rugosa Rose; Happy Birthday, a birthday poem, poetry

On the occasion of my beloved Andrea’s birthday…

rugosa rose

photo c/o Google Images; Rugosa Rose of Okanagan Valley,

British Columbia, Canada

From desert floor to mountain high

Vineyards’ sprawl and orchards green

Cascades o’er the Rockies grand

Okanagan, Similkameen

Grasslands, marshland, cottonwood

Our homeland burgeons as it would

Peaks and valleys, majesty

Would touch our lives in treasured ways

Sun’s caress would cast its shadow

Moons may darken, storm cloud sallow

Rugosa rose forever be

My guardian angel, friend in need

Your loving charm and sanguine eyes

In gentle calmness, sanctity

Eternal touch my soul as loving

Tender means the world to me

We share the dream’s infatuation

Hand in hand as journey goes

Walking paths of everlasting

Love, together as we’ll be

A birthday rose you’ll always be

My heart, my reason, everything

Happy Birthday and so much more

Rugosa rose, my angel being

Loving you always,


© Don MacIver 2015; All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Rugosa Rose; Happy Birthday, a birthday poem, poetry

    1. Thank you Paul. I have called my wife Andrea my rose nearly since the day we first met and wanted to share something for her birthday which incorporated one of our regional roses. Though not the most attractive of the rose flowers of the region I was struck by its name and abundant flourish in a particularly striking geographical area nearby. Andrea responds so well to writings as this vs a commercial greeting card…highly identifiable and personal.

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  1. Three Cheers for the Birthday Rose!

    Love this poem… It provides one feel good moment after another, in rapid fire succession.

    Birthdays are nothing short of sacred to me, you know. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Michael!! Andrea sends many heartfelt thanks and hugs! I haven’t done this sort of thing for some time now but Andrea loves the deeply personal touch when I do take the time to do so rather than buy her a Hallmark card (with all due respect to Hallmark as their products are wonderful!).

      Is your last comment telling me I missed your big day? If so many apologies. I don’t get birthday notifications to my inbox anymore and often miss friend’s big day. Many thanks again! Cheers.


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