dusty frame

I have followed Eileen Brinker for too long to recall now but fully embrace her gift for life’s examination and her delivery articulates a devotion to herself, her writing and her reading audience. This author/poet’s words go well beneath the surface…

From an other-wise-sane perspective

so today so far
we have big oil
and how to stop
addiction to exoskeletons
poor standards for
government taxing the few
to cover the fewer with
health care
shall we scream and pull our hair out?
i blink it away -another sip
is another day
so turn from inevitable ramifications
to what to wear? and how to start
the finish of a painting
that matters only to me….
land of the free?
well yes i suppose we sold that good
the highly shadowed
and misunderstood
forgive not in these cards
the gardens restless
as windows rain with mud
within convoluted balance
all seems to balance fairly
well despite
or maybe because
no end is brought in sight
for smallest prayer
has every option, still

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