Carolyn C. Meltzer Photography, Hiding Spot nature photo

In Solitude of Being; nature and introspective poetry

Carolyn C. Meltzer Photography, Hiding Spot nature photo

photograph © Carolyn C. Meltzer; ‘hiding spot’


CC Meltzer Photography

© Carolyn C. Meltzer, CC Meltzer Photography

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

In this, a continuing series, I am honored and excited to share a collaborative undertaking with gifted Atlanta, Georgia photographer Carolyn C. Meltzer titled ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ pairing my own original written verse through the inspiration of Carolyn’s striking photographic images. One of the most fundamental means to enhance poetry’s reader experience is through the pairing of stunning photographic images in a union of compelling and inspired perceptions that only the individual reader can fully embrace.

Discover Carolyn’s extraordinary gift for capturing breathtaking visuals of life and the remarkable beauty of our natural surroundings. I truly felt compelled to present her breathtaking images alongside my poetic verse in a unified representation of creative arts endeavor embracing the extraordinary elements of nature that touch our heart, mind and soul.

To my readers I implore that you visit the website of Carolyn C. Meltzer, linked beneath the accompanying photo or by clicking the image itself, to explore and experience the beauty and wonderment of her subjects through an accomplished camera lens. Share in the emotions and spirit of creative and artistic collaboration through visuals in verse.

Care for and protect our natural environment…our very existence depends on it.

In Solitude of Being

So often, life in its tumble down

Of joy and sorrows, affairs of layered

Colors and textures, confined entities

Sheltered in solitudes of being

As veins of varied complexity

Pulsate ever gently, life force flows

Our heartbeat in measured tendency


Regardless our obstacles in journey

Discovery finds our hiding place

Of comfort and closure, nestled in

Quiet seclusion, similarly

Daylight will cast its shadows long

Our refuge in its certain leaving

Lo and behold a moonlight giving

Rest upon nights, we lay in sleeping


© Don MacIver 2015; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2015

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2015

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12 thoughts on “In Solitude of Being; nature and introspective poetry

    1. Thank you so much Scott! The ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ collaboration continues to be a wonderful blend of my deeply inspired verse through Carolyn Meltzer’s gorgeous photographic images. My focus on solid opening and closing lines as the envelope to and in support of creative verse. This piece has a good feel to it! Warmest regards.


    1. Paul, coming from a writer of distinction your comment is so well received! Carolyn Meltzer’s photography has been a tremendous inspiration to my writing through our collaborative series. The current WordPress theme that I’m using really brings out the rich, breathtaking depth of her works. Carolyn has been thrilled with how the series has gone thus far which really pleases me, my first collaboration. Many thanks for your frequent presence and critical comments Paul…so very much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Here is musing of the quietest and richest kind, a true philosophy, and your words
    and Carolyn’s excellent picture engender in the reader a warming and indeed
    comforting contemplation on what is and can and might be. This is first rate.

    Thnak You, Don and Carolyn for this excellent offering.

    Best Always


    Liked by 1 person

    1. John, your comment overwhelms we. Carolyn’s ‘stunning visuals’ caught my attention over a year ago and to be collaborating with Carolyn on these pairings has truly been a most gratifying, inspiring experience for me and Carolyn has expressed her very positive responses of her own…marvelous. ‘Solitude of Being’ became something of an emotional journey for me during its writing. I draw upon my visceral responses to Carolyn’s powerful visuals to articulate my responsive interpretations and with this piece I felt a growing sense of fluid identity with the words as they bridged one line to another.

      Liked by 1 person

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