notes of an itinerant

From the aspiring literary student to the seasoned and published authors and poets of this world, in this time, John Flanagan possesses an exceptional gift in the literary graces which one can only hope to emulate in some significant way.

Read and follow this visionary in celebration of his tremendous acumen and his words through a voice touching heart, mind and soul.


6 thoughts on “notes of an itinerant

  1. What a powerful poem and a wonderful share, Don! The verse that resonated with me is this one:

    eluding the wooden slats
    in another barn on the Gold Coast
    the sun creeps across the trespassed straw
    in phases and begins to climb the wall
    effortlessly on the other side
    i feel amazingly old as i rise
    but rise i do in this outdoor country
    to meet the opening of another day
    and find the infinite sea

    Such beauty, honesty and vulnerability I read in these words. I’ll visit John’s blog again, too, so thanks again for introducing him to your readers…wishing you a wonderful weekend!


    1. John’s gift resonates through every piece he pens Lauren, really quite remarkable. His words are profound and from the moment I found his site and read the first few opening lines I was struck by his distinctive style and command of the English language. John has a very humourous side as well. If you have a chance browse back through previous posts. This man’s word craft is exceptional in this day.

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