Inspirited Essence of Forest Green; inspirational poetry, poems

high definition photo of a forest

photo c/o Cupcake Images

Midst glimmers of sunlight tall trees stand

Casting shadows of mystic carriage

In solitude, lingered essence of

An inspirited forest of green

Grasses in scant locations meager

Spindles as earthly bound protrusions

Umbilical bondage of standing prayer

I kneel in filmic exaltation


Here in the depths of cedar and pine

My gaze ever higher, broadening

As heavens fill my bountiful soul

With endless promise and spirited

Certainty for my destination

On footholds sound, my journey inspired

By wisdom and foresight of others told

My guidance and vision unfolding


© Don MacIver 2015; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2015

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2015

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10 thoughts on “Inspirited Essence of Forest Green; inspirational poetry, poems

    1. Thank you so kindly John for such wonderful comment! I am enjoying an ever-increasing sense of being deeply connected to my writing and I truly hope that trend continues. I love to see how others interpret and respond to my writing! As long as can am able to bring words that people can truly engage in and take something meaningful away my writing endeavours are indeed fulfilled.

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  1. This makes me think about sitting with the elders, and taking in their accounts, trying to make mental notes of things to remember, but realize afterward, it all runs together, and I have to conclude, the only solution is to go back for another round… It is all cyclical. It is all good.

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    1. Our natural surroundings are indeed truly inspiring Lauren! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. I have been blessed my entire life with living in beautiful regions of the country and the last thirty years in British Columbia have been incredibly inspiring. I love nothing more than to walk trails through forests, along the sea, lakes, rivers, up the side of mountains. The solitude affords me a wonderful separation from the daily distractions, hustle and bustle and allows me to take in the raw beauty of our great outdoors in a way that is all my own.

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      1. Greetings from Wael ( my real nsme )

        Beautiful poem describing wonderful nature in Canada , from where I see awesome and fascinating natural views in pictures and videos on the internet.
        You have some Godly and dignified vision of nature in your poetry.


      2. I know how you feel, Don! We live in the north bay where everything is green and everyone is outdoors either hiking or biking. We do a lot of hiking with our dog, along with camping and backpacking in other beautiful areas. I completely agree with your last sentence, too!


      3. Thank you Lauren! We have lived in everything from small communities to moderate cities and large metropolitan cities too. We are not big city people and for the most part I have always opted for commuting to work rather than ever living in a large urban jungle. Our natural surroundings are an incredible balance in our lives and hugely inspiring for my writing! Our time in this kind of wilderness began very early on at a time when my parents decided that it was time to move to a rural area surrounded by crops, livestock and horse ranches. We also had a family cottage for years in an area very much like where we now live.

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