In A Lightfoot State of Mind; poetry, lyrical verse, Gordon Lightfoot

picture of legendary Gordon Lightfoot

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In tribute to the legendary Gordon Lightfoot…

Early one evening I was sitting in our livingroom back in Victoria, British Columbia running through song tracks, my headphones translating the deep, rich tones of music legends that have graced center stage for decades, their lengthy hit parade the envy of any aspiring singer/songwriter or seasoned pro, iconic, real life treasures that are played to this day on the airwaves and the legends themselves still out there hosting sold out concert venues across the land…the likes of Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, k.d. Lang, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Steve Miller…the list is lengthy but the living legends a relative few.

After numerous of the great songs my thoughts turned to Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian treasure and truly one of the greatest icons of the music industry of our time. Though numerous of this giant’s songs immediately came to mind I ran a search online and the first huge hit I saw amoung the lengthy list of this man’s music was ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’, in my estimation Lightfoot’s greatest and trademark song. Even in my early teens I was profoundly struck by the haunting lament of this remarkable song and the story behind its writing.

For the next half hour that song stuck with me, replayed over and over in my mind. It occurred to me that a tribute to this legend of song would be a heartfelt and profound way to pay homage to a man whose influence on his industry has been enormous, his long time following as enamoured by this man to this day.

In that same hot summer evening I wrote my own lyrics to ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ titled ‘Migration Of The Dunes‘. The next morning I ran a search online for Gordon Lightfoot’s website at that time and submitted Migration Of The Dunes to the site admins. I was thrilled to receive an email of special thanks a few days later and my version had been posted to the home page of Lightfoot’s site. I was deeply honoured and reflect back on the writing of the lyrics often with great fondness for a man who changed the landscape of music in this country and well beyond forever after.

Migration Of The Dunes

‘Tween the emerald tallgrass and wheatfields

In a quilt works of golden profusion

Rise the dunes by the sea they call Greenwich

Where the deepest of blue waters shimmer

Windswept sands creep on an inland traverse

Where the marshes and woodlands be buried

Shorelines in splendour hold fossils of old

Tiny crab in a tremulous foray…

Read more from the original…

I will forever remain in a Lightfoot state of mind…

© Don MacIver 2015; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2015

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2015

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4 thoughts on “In A Lightfoot State of Mind; poetry, lyrical verse, Gordon Lightfoot

  1. I’ll be honest with you Don – GD’s music was perfectly fine – but no special favourite of mine… Where as this poem of course is pretty damn perfect – like a finely crafted and polished jewel, without any flaw – wonderful writing… If you could match this standard every time, my friend – Then i reckon, you’d pretty soon become a legend yourself, my friend… All the very best to you, as ever – your light deserves no less… Scott

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scott, such a wonderful comment…thank you so much. I am not often speechless but…
      Every once in a while I touch on the lyrical side and ‘Migration Of The Dunes’ was by far my favourite to date. Gordon Lightfoot has such a palatable flavour to his voice, a national treasure who inspired my own words in this writing. I will be forever consumed by a sense of gratification if my name rings a bell of familiarity when one reflects on poetry! Coming from you Scott this is indeed a wonderful compliment.


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