Honoring My Mother: My First Repost

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Melissa Writes of Passage

image courtesy of Dwight Pounds Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds

Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds

Driving the plane tree-canopied Roman roads of southern France with my parents last week, I noticed in my peripheral vision that my mom, sitting next to me in the back seat, was gripping the door handle.

Why the grip? I thought. She’s buckled in, there’s no one else on this road, Randall’s a safe driver, and we’re cruising this long, straight line. 

Mid-thought, I realized I was gripping my door handle, too. Exactly like her.

I also saw my mom was chewing gum. (I dislike gum-chewing.)

And mid-thought, I realized I was mid-chawnk.

She’s so animated, I’d been noticing all week, and look at her whip up a conversation with any stranger. Like me, my kids say.  And just like the way she used to call for us – operatically, throughout our little Utah neighborhood –– “Oh, Daaaaaltons! Come…

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2 thoughts on “Honoring My Mother: My First Repost

  1. Don, thank you so much for re-blogging this. You’ve always been a sympathetic and supportive coworker with words! I’ve taken a short break from my blog, will get that Author’s Website up and rolling in this new year (Happy New Year, btw!), and will be glad to watch your beautiful new site expand and your reach lift many. Always thank to you, Don.

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    1. Melissa, it is always an honour and pleasure to share your wonderfully engaging, moving posts. You have such a gift for articulating what is so near and dear to your heart and if I can reach out to those who read my own writings hopefully they will do likewise with your own. You have such an admirable conviction to your family, your life and lifestyle, maintaining the family unit in such a loving, respectful and nurturing way…truly inspiring. I will watch for your future posts with anticipation! Have a wonderful year Melissa. Be blessed with good health and happiness always.


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