Tranquility of Water’s Whisper; poetry of nature and life

picture of a white heron

photo image c/o

Languid summer winds of innocence

Wrapping its warmth as pleasured embraces

In sighs of contentment for latter days

In the tranquil of water’s whisper

Innocence captured on river’s flow as

Rippled responses, song notes savored

Her gaze in a gentle acquiesce

To the splendor of nature’s being


Much as would I in the realm of beauty

Overcome by silence, reservation

Through eyes fascinate on poise and tender

Eloquence fashioned on limbs of season

Nostrils bathed in pimpernel primrose

Climbing in camber as tendril clings

On wings of ready departure bound

For distant shoreline’s refuge waiting


© Don MacIver 2015; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2015

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2015

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6 thoughts on “Tranquility of Water’s Whisper; poetry of nature and life

  1. If pressed for the most definitive images I can conjure up, I believe a shoreline would be right up there with a gate, and maybe a span of railroad track… Love your poem here, Sir.
    Best wishes in the coming seasons, from Tennessee.
    Myke Todd


    1. Thank you kindly Michael! The white heron has such a purity through its whiteness. I have always loved the heron and water in general and nature has been a tremendous influence on much of my writing. All the best to you as well…hard to believe we have reached 2015…the year was such a distance concept once upon a time! Thank you very much for your presence Michael…always so much appreciated.


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