period picture of garden painting, Edmund Leighton and Lady Blair

Sonata Softly; romantic poetry

period picture of garden painting, Edmund Leighton and Lady Blair
Edmund Leighton & Lady Blair

for my loving rose…

As though were it but a dream of longing

Hastened to my place of sanctuary

Foliage green and petals in pastel

Fragrant reminiscence, erstwhile pleasures

Barefoot bemusement as lost in daydreams

Bathed in a sea of sensual colors

As lamb’s ear and lily, wisteria

Dance on caressing of lambent winds


Barefoot, I wander through paths as Eden

Temptation’s arousal midst hedgerow rose

Hitherto, on the terrace, sunset plays

Ever so sweetly, lovelorn sonata

And lo, I sense his quiet observance

My heart ever faster as faint would go

Tho I dare not acknowledge his presence

For, wouldst I play on emotion’s rally


Gently, in giving, he whispers my name

His breathless awaiting summons counter

Tears well, my consider painful sorrow

My footsteps slow as I turn in longing

As awkwardness bids our eyes together

By the grace of glory perchance to sing

My lord, in his calling, angelic spoke

Of promise for my soul to keep


I weaken, scents of tuberose velvet

Entice as the heavenly love I seek

Attends to my yearning, I consider

Tho my heart weighs heavy, love forsaken

Still, wouldst my conscience bear out in trusting

My sire’s attentions as good and noble

I tremble as meeting, our lips combine

In linger of passion, sonata’s song


picture of primrose carousel flowers

primrose carousel 

Painting visual c/o


© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2014

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2014

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