image of male warbler for poem Seasons For Change

Five Seasons of Change; poetry about life

image of male warbler for poem Seasons For Change

photo c/o Google Search

Miracles may not happen every day

Yet their flourish abundantly clear

From the darkest recesses morning’s light

And the whisper of wind’s reminder

A budding romance of spring’s abiding

Young warbler’s song in spirited chiding


Infancy weathers a growing season

Where darkness yields a sun-furrowed brow

Inquisitive as a youthful learning

Through seeds of burgeon and timely passage

Swelter of summer’s sultry advance and

Coy as a midlife flirtation’s dawning


Our lives in transition, winds of autumnal

Mutations of color, inclination’s

Desire tempered as summer solstice

Chilled by the nearness of winter’s looming

Though by heart’s estimation, loving you

Came as gentle occasion’s interval


And nigh in the onset of wintertide’s

Frosting as blanketed limbs of naked

Limbs’ outreaching, a snowflake’s caressing

The warbler remarks a love’s romancing

You and I in graces, twilight living

As fonder memories, heartsounds intoned


Hence as a fifth elder season bidding

Nestles its wisdom on earthly souls

Our loving and loss at nature’s calling

And heartache in longing, far away dreams

Our time share continuance, love apportioned

Now rests on the wings of angels’ leaving


© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

Poetry & Verse © 2014

Author’s Publications

Lasting Impressions Editing © 2014


8 thoughts on “Five Seasons of Change; poetry about life

  1. The writing is, as ever, a delight to read and savour, Don, and the theme in this poem is, for me, spiritual response to the world around us if we are sufficiently open-eyed and aware of what genuine beauty is. And with that awareness, if we reach it, comes infinite possibilities

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    1. John, thank you ever so much for this marvelous response to Five Seasons. I am beginning to transition my focus and conveyance through poetry feeling the need to reach out to a broader audience and share another facet of my outlook, my perspective and how I connect with those close to me and those who I encounter on and offline around the globe. Such a remarkable journey this is and to see your response to my words in this way is most inspiring. Writing for me has become a visceral connection and I endeavor to convey in a way that will always invite one’s personal interpretation and experience in every instance. “Infinite possibilities”…I truly love that John and as it relates to my writing, my greatest satisfaction. The truest form of flattery is for me the derivative journey through verse. Thank you John. I will rest well this night.


  2. I hate to focus a comment on the very beginning of a poem, but I think it dove tails into the gist of the entire piece… My thinking is, miracles do occur every day, but if we were to witness such a barrage of them, it would overwhelm us… One at a time, is all we can handle, but one at a time, more that suffices… Love the poem!

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  3. Reblogged this on darlenescorner and commented:
    What a picture of the changes of life. As I read it, I thought of the change of the relationship in marriage as the years go by. My husband was more attractive to me after forty years of marriage than when we married. I appreciated Don putting it poetry.


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