Feature: Richard A. Cross; Powerfully Inspired Mentor, Speaker, Author, Poet

Richard A. Cross, an inspirational, empowering speaker

  Richard A. Cross

Once in a very long time we discover an individual whose passion for life and devotion to bettering the lives of others surpasses anything one could reasonably expect to see in this day, especially given that our exposure to the more negative aspects of life proliferates and challenges our own personal focus and wellbeing. One such individual is Professor Richard A. Cross of Atlanta, Georgia.

In preface, consider this if you would. What is there about YOUR life that you want to change? What do you aspire to accomplish with your time on this earth? Have you taken critical first steps to reach that goal of yours? If not, what is holding you back?

Today I wanted to share with you an individual that I have come upon who has, in a very short time, fully enriched my thought processes and my sense of empowerment through his remarkably inspired vision, determination and successes. Richard specializes in mentoring, speaking, coaching and is a published writer and author/poet. A scholar at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in Atlanta, Georgia, Richard has achieved an elevated level of education and qualification, including a Masters degree, which in of itself is a remarkable story given his modest childhood beginnings in Alexandria St. Ann, Jamaica.

Discovering Richard’s highly engaging, motivational voice through his written word not long ago could not have come at a better time for me. After retiring from a thirty-year career as a Real Property Administrator (RPA) in the property and facility management industry, I made a life-altering decision to embark on a new journey with the launch of my own new startup business Lasting Impressions Editing providing professional editing, proofreading and writing services to a diverse range of clients around the globe.

My entire career has been customer/client services centric in a hugely demanding industry that drew every ounce of my focus and attentions with extraordinary effort and time commitment in order to fulfil my responsibilities and excel/survive let alone keep up a killer pace in a high-stress and pressure workplace environment where accolades are few and critics many. Couple that with a major career transition that correlates with my fourteen-year journey in published writing as an author/poet and you have a recipe for great challenge and a thirst for motivational reasons to persist in a new direction in life.

So much of what we do in our personal and professional lives is highly dependent on our focus and determination to achieve those things that will make our lives more livable, more successful and happier not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. How many times have you thought about making a change but fear of failure or rejection held you back? I cannot count the number of times over the course of my life that I have looked upon others with much more than idle curiosity, wanting what they have achieved in life, knowing full well how much it took for them to get to that place in life…and fell short of believing in my own capabilities or fearing the first steps for change, fearing the outcome and most of all…afraid to step out of my own comfort zone in order to get what I wanted.

I made this change in career, at age fifty-six and while I’m not a dinosaur by any stretch of the imagination, it is a considerable challenge in many respects to walk away from a successful career after so many years doing what I spent four years studying toward professional accreditation for. Why do it then? It all comes down to a deep-seeded desire to spend that last leg of my career, and beyond, doing what I love to do best…writing and helping others find ways to enhance their own personal and professional writing in a uniquely powerful, engaging and memorable way.

That’s a long way to go in this post to come to this point, the whole point of my feature on Richard CrossYou see, Richard has made a lot of self-discovery in his own journey, a remarkable journey, and what truly inspires me is not only his gift for self-realization but his commitment to helping others realize their own dreams, and this on top of his own busy career at the university. Richard also shares his vision and empowering perspective through speaking engagements, his website and publications. This man engages and inspires through his own unique style, delivery and powerfully positive, focused vision and aspirations.

Please share your own thoughts here and do visit Richard’s website to Energize Your Thoughts through the inspiring, motivational words of Richard A. Cross. Find out how to go beyond the limitations we perceive which are so often a matter of how we look upon ourselves in relation to where we are and where we want to be. I assure you, your own perceptions will change in a very positive way.

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8 thoughts on “Feature: Richard A. Cross; Powerfully Inspired Mentor, Speaker, Author, Poet

  1. Don this is VERY kind of you. When I started sharing my thoughts back in 2012 I didn’t know that I would be getting such a recognition, I didn’t know I would be making the impact that I am making, I didn’t even know if I had the courage to do what I am doing. Now I am glad that I started.
    From ever since I was a child I have the inkling that I suppose to be doing what I’m doing now because I use to listen keenly to what others are going through, although some of their pains was similar to mine.
    Thanks you and I appreciate your unwavering support.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Richard, it is a distinct pleasure to avail my support and appreciation for all that you share. Your inspired vision is always a great positive element in my daily living and truly fuels my own energies to engage new purpose and goals every day, to pursue them with commitment and enthusiasm and to be constantly aware of possibilities. I experience anyone who has such a positive influence on myself I really must share their gift with others. It must be challenging measuring the impact you truly have yet through responses to your daily inspired website blog posts, the many readers who may not put their experience into comment on your pages, you have to believe you are reaching people in a very special way. What greater motivation could there be?!!

      Liked by 2 people

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