Giving Back

Richard A. Harris shares how he plans to help youth receive their education with yet another example of his passion for helping, inspiring and supporting others in the pursuit of their goals, their dreams. Follow the inspired words of Richard Cross. You’ll be amazed at what benefits you will take away from his perspective and vision.

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If we can make a difference in someone’s life we should.

My book is complete. EXCITED, GRATEFUL and even more GRATEFUL! For this next step on my journey I am going to need your HELP. I want to title the post 10,000 copies because it is my intention to sell 10,000 copies before July of 2015.

Please support me in sponsoring two students.

I grew up with a lot of my basic needs NOT met but it was because of the help of others I was able to past the worst to become the person I am today.


I said to myself after completing the book  I am going to go on a campaign to raise enough money to help two students from my home country, Jamaica, with FULL SCHOLARSHIP to attend college/university in the states.

The journey I am about to embark upon (Giving back) was what gave me…

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