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It was a cool day in early February over thirteen years ago, a beautiful clear sky, oddly breathless air savoring a hint of pine and cedar, aromatic whispers from the towering trees surrounding our home.

Our spring was engaging in its usual gentle fashion, trees budding, a hint of burgeoning floral seedlings sprouting through the soil in awkward balance as an artwork rendering. Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching and my thoughts turned to pondering what I might do for my fiancé for that special occasion, something unique yet deeply meaningful.

I had the notion that to write something romantic, deeply heartfelt in a way that would find a real and testimonial connection between us would be just the thing…good thinking Don, yeah, that’s a profound thought! So there I was set down in front of the computer, fingers poised over the keyboard, my mind racing about in a caterwaul of scampering chatter searching for the first few words to get the juices flowing.

What came out of that creative session was a poem, crudely crafted wordplay the likes of which would hardly astonish a Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde or John Keats and such but read back it was tender, sweet, an affectionate conveyance in my own style and terms. I had a tall, narrow picture frame, an oddity in itself that I mounted this poetic verse in, awkwardly cut and pasted to fit this rather archaic looking vessel.

The short of this story is that my fiancé was seemingly breathless over the gift-wrapped display of affection which, despite its rather amateurish construction, apparently touched a soft spot in her heart and she insisted on its display out in the open living space within our humble little apartment. I had suggested a cozy spot in the bathroom or bedroom but no!

Andrea would soon be calling family and friends, proudly revisiting the story of this romantic verse to any who cared to listen. Comments swelled from that first penning with friends and loved ones suggesting I do more with my apparent ‘newfound passion’ than merely sharing with friends and family. “Keep writing, get exposure, publish a book even!” they would say.

Fast forward to current day, this fifteenth day of November in the year 2014…three published books later with a fourth volume well under way, my passion for romancing the words continues. I’ve put together umpteen blogs and websites through the years, been a member, moderator and contributing writer on countless websites, published by the American Poets Society, received awards through fellow authors and poets and featured on numerous literary sites. Several years ago AccreditedOnlineColleges featured my poetry blog in their ‘Top 100 (and subsequently Top 50) Best Poetry Blogs’ list. I was thrilled for the honor, especially given the exposure of this scholarly reference to students who aspired to write.

In early 2005 I launched what has become the mainstay of my poetic verse, author’s voice and tributes to a high-profile design artist for whom I write and edit for on occasion, Ernie Cefalu of Los Angeles whose company’s award winning album cover designs for many of the most successful bands, single recording artists, comedians and huge corporate clients has won him three Grammy Award nominations.

Out of that passion for creative writing has recently sprung my own professional editing, proofreading and writing business Lasting Impressions Editing this year, an exciting new venture which has already afforded me several high profile clients around the globe.

The whole point of this long diatribe is that since 2001 I have written in prolific fashion through articles, blogs, poetry, prose, author and writer forums and more on just about any subject you can imagine. The dynamic English language is a journey, a crossroads, an exploratory surgical procedure, at times a confounding beast to tame yet, here I am all these years later still loving every stroke of the keyboard, the marvelous emotional response from my readers, the recognition and connection in a professional sense…all truly meaningful and enriching in my own life.

“Words flow through inspiration


Inspiration flows through life to heart, mind & soul


Divergent energies of life flow through earth, wind & fire


Let your words burgeon as floral seedlings sprouting in splendor without restriction”


What may have begun decades ago through early learning and passive fascinations in my school days seems to have burgeoned as those floral seedlings sprouting through springtime soils in the garden and blossomed into something quite deeply personal, spiritual, quite extraordinary and even opportunity in a commercial sense.

Whatever your journey in the literary realm might be, if you feel you have strength in language and literary composition, engage in writing. Study others, learn it, eat it, breathe it, obsess with it. Allow it to flow as the muse propels it forward, embrace it, finesse it and just let it be. Explore infinite possibilities through words, your own words and style, a magic you can only discover through your own imaginative experimentation. Be willing to share your words with as many as possible. Exposure is a critical element to the process. Whether a romantic, suspense or horror novelist, a poet or author of articles…carve it, frame it and hang it on the wall, type it out on the keyboard, hit enter and let the world be your audience, their responses be your measure.

When the passion strikes…never cease to romance the words.


© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

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Poetry & Verse © 2014

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3 thoughts on “Romancing The Words; poetry, writing

  1. Don I glad you follow suit on what they have suggested to you after they realize your gift. Indeed you are good with your word usage.

    Also, I am glad you are getting more client and believe me it is going to get better. Be ready!

    Another great read here Don. I love how you used these two word together “amateurish construction”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Richard, thank you so much for your presence and kind remarks. What you and I share in common is the innate sense of our direction, our destiny through communicating to others those life experiences which ultimately influenced the decisions we have made in terms of career path and where we were meant to be, in our respective place and our respective time. We both have an audience that we truly strive to engage, inspire and learn through that inspiration that there are great possibilities in their own lives to pursue…they simply have to look deep to ascertain their abilities, their strengths, the very assets they can call upon and utilize to their greatest benefit.

      Your own inspired words have so richly touched my own sensibilities Richard and helped me to stay focused and dig deep to bring out my own best efforts and aspirations. Each of us has early beginnings, a discovery experience through learning and ultimate choices to make on the road to achieving our goals, our dreams. If you and I can extend our enthusiasm, our faith, our convictions to the extent that others may feel enriched and like inspired then we have accomplished something truly gratifying…and I believe wholeheartedly that we have and will continue to do so…for THAT is our reason for being.

      Liked by 1 person

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