The Next Level

Richard A. Cross shares inspired words here on the dynamic principles of taking our daily performance and objectives to the ‘Next Level’! Experience the empowering, motivational words of Richard Cross. What will YOU do NEXT LEVEL today?!

Energize Your Thoughts

The Next Level

Some people come into your life

Just to show you the way

Some may just stop for a day

Of play

Some will distract you

If you are not careful

Some will share insights that are


Some will lift you up

When you are down

Some will help you spread

Your message around

Some will be a friend to the end

While some will only pretend

Some will be a door opener

But you will have to make up your mind

To be the closer

Some will guide you

To the next level

A reminder to you

Not to settle

Some will push you

Because they see more in you

Some will stop

Before you reach

Because the lesson you needed

They already teach

Some will think

You are show off

But it’s because they

Don’t understand your path

Some will not be able

To come with you to…

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