stunning photographic visuals of Carolyn C. Meltzer

Serenity; Unspoken Souls, poetry, photography


stunning photographic visuals of Carolyn C. Meltzer
© Carolyn C. Meltzer


Photographic Visuals & Poetic Verse Pairings

© Don MacIver, Poetry 2014 & © Carolyn Meltzer, Photographer 2014

© Carolyn C. Meltzer, CC Meltzer Photography

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Some months ago I was contemplating the development of a new means to present my writing in a unique way, something I had not endeavoured to do previously and an approach that would be a distinctive and memorable experience for my growing readership. I reflected on the importance of visuals in today’s online presentation, fascinating on how I could best deliver my poetic verse that would truly leave a long and lasting impression on visiting guests.

I have always used striking photographs in tandem with my writing and the response has been very positive. The images originated through non-copyrighted images from search engine queries for the most part with a few random authorized visuals as well. Visuals are a compelling element of the reading experience and I have most often selected a photographic piece and developed conceptual ideas for the featured poem title and body line by line verse itself. In doing so the divergent theme for the writing is already flowing from the visual and it is then simply a matter of developing a storyline through my own interpretation and perceptions that I draw from the visual before me. Further interpretation is at the discretion and delight of the reader.

My thoughts turned to approaching a photographer whose visuals captured the essence of not only what most inspires me in my writing but what I felt would most suitably enhance the overall reader experience with each presentation. I wanted a combined visceral response to coincide with a sense of inspiration, spiritual connection, oneness with nature, renewed balance, wonderment, serenity…any and all of the most positive, enlightened, sensory perceptions that light a fire deep within our conscience.

I began to browse through various photography websites based on my intended focus in a thematic sense and came upon the photographic works of Carolyn C. Meltzer of Atlanta, Georgia. I was soon quite taken by the delicate nuances of her visuals which immediately impressed me as being ‘stunning’. I decided to contact Carolyn to seek permission to include one or more of her beautiful renderings in my poetry presentations. That initial email query quickly turned into a telephone conversation wherein Carolyn conveyed that she had recently undertaking a series of pairings between herself and a Atlanta poet, also doing likewise with a noted painter which culminated in gallery exhibits.

Our conversation progressed to the proposition of collaborating in just such a series of pairings titled ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’. Our pairings continue to this day with marvelous response on and offline, our presentations far reaching and clearly a worthwhile and pleasing experience for Carolyn, myself and our visiting audience. 

We hope each of you leaves this page with a positive and lasting impression. Carolyn’s ‘stunning visuals’ have indeed inspired what I hope is the best of my creative muse and we thank you for making our works a part of your day. Carolyn’s website is a delight with innovative photographic imagery so please do visit Carolyn Meltzer and share our web locations within your circle of friends, family and beyond. ‘Stunning Visuals In Verse’ continues to be a magical journey for Carolyn and I and a great pleasure to share.

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In cresting emotion’s unspoken souls

Gentle in rising and plummeting fall

Unuttered as voiceless marrow’s drifting

Desert of sands and mistral-swept dunes


Overcome as in peacefulness of prayer

Rested resplendence as billowing snow

Undulating cascade’s tranquility

In the pastel of pink satin rose abating


As though in tranquil of faraway dreams

Bathed in serenities, moonlit coddling

Petals on moiling waters subsiding

In darkness of ice floe’s measure sounding



© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

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Poetry & Verse © 2014

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2014


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