REVISED: New Twitter Accounts To Follow; Don MacIver, author, editor

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Hello friends!

As part of streamlining promotions of my literary and business endeavours I have now created A NEW Twitter page for my literary endeavours and invite everyone to visit and FOLLOW ME at the following Twitter account and I will gladly follow you in return! Thank you so much for this and all of your ongoing support…it has meant a lot!  You can connect through both my literary and business links provided below or from the ‘Author’s Sites’ links found in the popout (right sidebar) for this site.

More new posts to follow here soon!

Author Page on Twitter

Business Page on Twitter

Note:  On browsing through my followers here I have discovered that I had neglected to set up notifications of your posts in many cases and regrettably have missed many of your posts. My apologies for the oversight and I have made the necessary settings changes accordingly. Rest assured that most of my reading time is spent right here enjoying the amazing creative works of my many friends here. Looking forward to seeing your posts shortly. PLEASE DO DROP BY FOR A VISIT…Likes, Comments, Shares & Reblogs are a critical aspect of our published writings and we all benefit from sharing what we enjoy with others!

Authors, we all share a common need for an independent review of our treasured book manuscripts. My client list for proofreading and/or editing services is growing steadily with clients spanning the globe. Reach out to me if you have questions about the process or if you would like a free consultation and pricing information. Our work and how it is presented to our readers is critical to building a solid reading audience…I can help with that and ensure they are error free. I proof and edit book manuscripts, personal documents, business communications and promotional copy and much more. Visit my business website for contact details and while there why not subscribe to Editor’s Journal!

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support and friendship. It has been tremendous! Hey, if you haven’t seen me visit for a while please don’t hesitate to give me a friendly nudge…my new startup business has kept me extremely busy for the past few months! I also write powerfully compelling book reviews which make a difference at the marketing and sales end too!

My oh my…I don’t know where the past years has gone. Thriving on the creativity of writing and hope each one of you is as well! Cheers to all.


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