Prairie Wheat; poetry, preservation

nature preservation

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Vast wheat fields sweep across fertile lands, their tall bearded kernels bob and sway to a summer breeze. One of mother nature’s most prolific staples harvested from the lands of sustenance to the bounty of our table.

Our farmlands are gradually disappearing, our soils and fresh water increasingly contaminated, the air we breathe polluted, litter discarded with reckless abandon, rivers and streams strewn with the spoils of humanity. Our wildlife is increasingly at risk with countless species nearing or past extinction. Global warming is escalating as our precious land, water and air succumb to human indifference.

Our nations crave riches through extraction of the lands. Oil is drawn by the barrel in billions. Forestation clear cut to barren wasteland, leaching chemicals forever changing our precious seas. Mankind has committed grave injustice to the very elements of our planet sustaining. How long will we be afforded living off the land? From prairie wheat to killing fields our careless disregard will someday render ourselves extinct.

Preservation is a matter of conscience, a matter of sustenance, a critical matter of survival. It all begins with teaching, learning, believing. Every human being on this planet has an obligation…our existence depends on it. We can all turn a blind eye and feign a deaf ear yet the realities of ruin stare us in the face for reasons we will never justify. Look long into the eyes of your children and tell them a story about how it all used to be…just be prepared when they sadly ask you why we no longer care? Look to the answers for the sake of our children.




Boyhood years in fields of loaming

Golden wheat and chaff asunder

Air of pureness, big sky of blue

Kernels bearded, tall stems burgeon

Bountiful our ages’ staple

Cattle grazing, mares in wander

Streams as pure as driven snowfall

Imagination timeless travel


Long my gaze would span horizons

Nature’s splendor gentle rising

Adventure lies beyond the trails

In forests green and soils fertile

Hawks in summer wind’s caressing

Soar among the treetops lofty

I longed to fly as birds of prey

In majesty and might of being


In silence, gentle, wheat fields sway

I’d close my eyes and come what may

Scents of tree moss, ferns of tender

Fronds of green as fans uprising

Toads amidst the brush in hiding

Croak in belching tones resounding

I pray my life forever so

Though signs of ruin hence foretold



© Don MacIver 2014; All Rights Reserved

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Poetry & Verse © 2014

LastingImpressionsEditing © 2014


5 thoughts on “Prairie Wheat; poetry, preservation

    1. Thank you Michael! Yes indeed! I’ve always has an affinity for nature and our environment and I expect much of that comes from being raised in a rural area. What I described here is what I did for years in my youth…out walking through farmer’s fields, woodlands and around lakes. In later years I would hike trails to mountain summits and from the likes of 3,000 feet and higher elevations I get a whole other stream of consciousness! Amazing to experience unspoiled nature and landscape, so much so that I detest seeing the how reckless people are in this day. Just look along the shoulders of freeways and the tragic human element is sickening.


  1. Beautiful poem and great post, Don, and I am also a lover of nature and our environment. My family loves to camp, backpack, hike and simply be outdoors, so we do our best to take care of it where we can…I love these two lines, “In silence, gentle, wheat fields sway, I’d close my eyes and come what may”


    1. Thank you Lauren. Your presence and comments here are so very much appreciated! I have lived in both rural and suburban areas of medium and very large cities and having been raised out in the countryside with cattle and horses grazing just beyond our back lawn I have a deep-seeded respect for the land and nature, the environment in general. For years we were back in the large urban sprawl and everything that comes with that environment was frustrating and difficult for me to cope with, to rationalize just how reckless people are about our environment even in this day when the subject is such a strong focus. We now have the luxury of living a step away from the city where once again there are horse farms on either side of us…such a marvelous return to where I love being the most.

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