Homeland Photography; The Inspiration of Words, poetry

For a writer, and indeed a poet, there is nothing quite as inspiring as photographic images to get the creative juices flowing. To draw upon gorgeous natural landscapes or other images representative of the written piece they are to accompany only serves to enhance the reading experience. Images are powerful in that they are quite effectively used to employ emotional response. 

I often draw upon images from my homeland region surrounding West Kelowna, BC where we have called home for six months now. The astounding beauty of this province is breathtaking to say the least. Reader response has been tremendous over the years and the ethereal serenity of the region throughout the expansive Okanagan Valley is quite unlike anywhere else we have ever lived or traveled to.

My passion for writing is perhaps only exceeded by my love of this land where one discovers semi-arid desert, stunning lake vistas, rugged mountain ranges, wildlife from deer to bears and cougar, rolling foothills in a patchwork quilting of wineries and vineyards and huge fruit farms abound. World class wines are produced from the local grapes and the geography and climate draw scores of tourists to bask in this haven.

Our homeland represents new beginnings for my wife Andrea and I…and powerful inspiration for my written word.


10 thoughts on “Homeland Photography; The Inspiration of Words, poetry

    1. Thank you Scott. Yes indeed, our new home is nestled in one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Andrea was born and raised on the coast, also a gorgeous regions and I spent the last twenty-seven years there but the Okanagan Valley is a dramatic change of scenery for us. We love it here. It was time for new beginnings and we have both always loved it here. For an artist, writer or photographer there is nothing quite like it. Our area, seen from these images, is very much like areas of the northwestern states south of us in the US including California.


    1. Thank you Lauren. We feel truly blessed to live in this province and now in the Okanagan Valley. I takes these shots with my little ten year old Kodak digital and it’s surprising the quality of images we have had with it. I want to upgrade to a nicer camera with a high powered zoom lens and wide angle too. I accompany all of my writing with photographic or artistic images for a long time now. Our new homeland as seen through this images is a tremendous influence and inspiration on my writing. Andrea and I are not big city people, at least not to live in and even to work in I guess…had to get away from the congestion, hostility, ratrace. We are much more at peace now surrounded by such beauty and wildlife too.

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  1. Don, such a lovely view you have. I know you’ll be definitely more inspired especially with such a surrounding as yours. I am glad you’ll have peace of mind as you move to this new place and a place that will provide relaxation with inspiration. Thanks again Don for sharing such lovely view and I’m looking forward for your inspired thoughts and views.

    Have a bless one.


    1. Thank you Richard. Having lived in the valley six months now it has truly begun to feel very much like the place we want to call home for years to come. There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives and we truly believe that this new chapter, personally and professionally, was meant to be. It has taken much to bring us to this point in time and place and we feel ‘energized’ for even greater possibilities that lie ahead!

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