New Book of Poetry Release; Scott Hastie

scott hastie, poet

Scott Hastie, Author, Poet

Every once in a long while we meet someone extraordinary, someone who possesses a gift truly their own and second to none. Renowned British poet Scott Hastie, who hails from the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire not far from of London, has just released yet another edition to his lengthy collection of published titles.

The much anticipated ‘Angel Voices‘, now available in Kindle format, features forty previously unpublished original works of poetry. Scott Hastie reflects “When I write, I am looking to speak to your soul. Life teaches us that wonderful moments are possible, if your heart is full.” The author/poet’s gentle, celebrated voice resonates indelibly throughout Angel Voices.

Not long ago Scott afforded me the opportunity to undertake an advance read of Angel Voices. This gesture touched my soul as do his marvelous writings…as this poet has set out to do through his gifted words. My intuitive response as I poured through page after page was visceral, emotive and deeply sustained. I wrote this of my experience embracing the words of Scott Hastie in ‘Angel Voices‘…

” Hastie writes of how: “when our souls are open connections occur” and indeed they do, as he shows us so beautifully. The poet’s compositions embrace wonderful transitions of metaphoric phrase that truly capture the essence of human purpose, spirit and journey. An eloquent and seasoned poet, Scott Hastie’s written verse is inspired, optimistic and rich in its delightfully spirited perceptions, affectionately nostalgic in its reflection and careful acknowledgement.

Angel Voices portrays an unassuming and remarkably engaging blend of sculpted word craft painting the most beautifully textured images in the reader’s mind, as though oil brushed on canvas, softly sensual and wonderfully spiritual too, in one’s own fashion. His writings are soulful expressions of innermost feelings of hope and desire for love, for life and its living that we can all relate to.
Among my favorite quotes here is his reference to an inner “sanctuary, sacred space to distill” which is wonderfully representative of the spirit and emotions experienced through his words and that treasured sense of connection that runs right through Angel Voices, like a golden seam. An evocation of moments past and present, the author’s voice speaks volumes to the human condition, our existence and cohabitation.
Perhaps the most powerful and impressionable of references within this outstanding collection of poetic verse is the truly inspired call to: “follow the very scent of our being”.

You are encouraged to engage in this, Scott Hastie’s blessed journey and to enjoy his extraordinary voice of enlightened poetic devotion that is sure to delight in Angel Voices.”

© Don MacIver 2014

Indeed, Scott Hastie most certainly speaks to our soul through his poetry. You will find many of his writings and a vast array of comments by his large following readership, myself among them, on his website Scott Hastie. I cherish our friendship and the enormous respect I have for this poet’s writings, steeped in the life experiences of humanity, each word touched by the graces of his inspired muse.

Angel Voices is already on its way to grace the bookshelf in my personal library where but a few select authors’ writings reside. Embrace the word of gifted author, poet Scott Hastie. Watch for the release of this treasured volume on and September 13, 2014.


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