Global Peace; Our Lives Depend On It

One of the most powerful aspects about humanity is our ability to make choices. The vast majority of people on this earth chose to live in peace…for themselves, for their children, and all children ever after. 

There are those in this world who would choose hatred and violence as a means to an end. They are not welcome in OUR world. They are destructive, intolerant, ignorant, self-destructive yet in the process they would tear humanity apart to their own end. I do not speak strictly in the physical sense. I speak of life, freedom, the liberty to choose and believe…basic human rights that all peoples have a claim to.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the wrongs in this world. We cannot allow the disheartened and disbelievers to tear down what we have spent a lifetime, many lifetimes, building upon. This is not a political statement…this is one human being asking another, and another, and another…to embrace and share peace with everyone you know and for them to do likewise. We have to form a united front. 

Is there any better reason to take this message viral? SHARE IT around the globe. Embrace it as your own and give it wings to fly…

peace, embracing peace, global peace, sharing peace
Peace; © Don MacIver, Author, Poet 2014

7 thoughts on “Global Peace; Our Lives Depend On It

  1. Global Peace. What a wonderful time it would be, when we would be able to go anywhere without the fear that something bad may happen. Global peace would also lesson the amount of money spent protecting borders, fighting against each and that same money could be distributed to those who are not able to meet their basic needs. GLOBAL PEACE!

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    1. Yes indeed Richard, my sentiments exactly. It seems there is always serious conflict somewhere in the world perpetually. If we could only re-direct our energies to help those truly in need. That there must be heightened fear, terrorizing and conflict over religion, territorial boundaries or political supremacy is hard to understand or rationalize. How do we ever strike a meaningful balance between peoples, between countries, between governments?


      1. Immediate and residual balance would certainly be the ultimate objective and most welcome at that! Let’s hope that people the world over, including our political leaders, have the insight and will to facilitate alternative, more peaceful means to resolve the serious issues that weigh heavy on the national and international scenes. Thank you for this Richard.


  2. Yes, the world needs peace. The world needs an understand of what peace is and how it is fostered and preserved We look around and see that even those who claim to be harbingers of peace are at war (contentious) against one another. Something has got to give!

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